5 Effective Ways for Real Estate Agents to Improve Business

  • December 14, 2018

Marketing real estate can be both, challenging as well as highly rewarding if done right. Some agents just make the cut like its second nature to sell properties. However not everyone is built that way. People may have taken up the profession due to compulsions in their life or may lack experience of the industry if they shifted gears from another industry.

For those who possess challenges in their salesmanship, here is a look at some common behaviors that might just be their stumbling block in closing a deal successfully.

Eager Beaver

It may be beginner’s luck as you may call it but some agents possess the knack of closing a deal quicker and are always on a prowl for newer and better deals. Few such agents try to be too pushy with their clients and try to sign off on a sale too quickly much to the chagrin of homeowners. They overlook the real value of the property and undersell the home just to get it off the shelf.

Tip: Spend time listing as many selling points of the home you are trying to sell and keep them handy as a tool to negotiate a fair price for both parties.

Lone Ranger

A real estate agent who spends more time with their client will get to know a lot of minute details about the client’s preferences. Busy agents meet their clients for an initial round of briefing and start working on the requirements blindly all by themselves. Phone calls and texting clients will not result in optimal expectations setting.

Tip: It is important to have regular meetings with their clients to assure them of your commitment to find them the best deal possible.

Know It All

Estate agents know more about the market than a normal home owner. However it’s the home owners who know their house, surroundings and amenities the best. All that time one spends with a client goes for a waste if the agent is not listening. Instead, they end up telling the client what they should look for and push their viewpoint at every suggestion.

Tip: Having an ongoing dialogue with the client, showing empathy and diplomatically providing an honest opinion will go a long way in keeping the relationship trustworthy.

Calling Wolf!

If one does not enjoy doing legwork, they are hoping that a deal will come, fall on their lap in due time. Such agents neither put in the effort nor do they like to let go of a deal that is already theirs. If the client has no idea how to switch agents or find a new one, such naivety is manipulated by keeping them guessing. Often, an agent will call or email the client, saying that a potential buyer is looking at the property and may just be the right fit when the buyer is just window shopping for an investment opportunity.

Tip: This can result in serious credibility issues in the long run. Always keep the client in the loop about how the property is performing in attracting a home buyer.

Secret Agent

Sometimes, property agents underplay the weaknesses of a particular apartment or villa for sale. It could be an aging building or poor sanitary work or bad electric connection – whatever it may be, agents should properly evaluate the home and be transparent with either parties, buyer or seller, before selling it. Keeping a secret from a future home buyer will leave a permanent black mark on the agent’s record.

Tip: Examine, Evaluate and Execute.