6 Key Areas of the House to improve via Contemporary Style Interiors

  • May 15, 2019

If you are looking for some serious ideas to decorate your home in Dubai with contemporary style, go for minimalism and elegance combined together. This will not only be easy on your wallet but also create the look of luxury for years to come.

Villas in Dubai are available for rent or to buy in select communities across the city. Compared to apartments they provide you with more independent areas and larger rooms as space is not a major constraint when building a house on a large plot size.

If you genuinely want to create spaces that are comfortable and classy at the same time, decorate with these home interior ideas for the six key areas of your spacious villa and make them look Instagram worthy when you take home staging photos.

1. Living room

Contemporary style Living room

When you enter your home from a long day at work or bring guests to your living room, the ambience matters a lot. Lighting and furnishing should appear bright, clean and welcoming. Althouh the fashion conscious may go with designer interiors and seasonal colors, a neutral palette is safe and easy to maintain when it comes to cost and color clashes.

2. Bedroom

Bedroom interiors

What wouldn’t you give for a good night’s sleep? A bedroom should be maintained with clean sheets and adequate storage to get rid of any clutter that make the room appear noisy. An area rug or carpet that gives a soft landing to your feet upon waking is a nice to have. Ensure you have a nice window for a good view to the outdoors as well as to keep the room airy and bright.

3. Study or Home Office

Functional Home office

Use the spare room or any extra space to have your computer and books on a nice desk or wooden table. Work spaces are best set up near large windows with enough sunlight and view to the outdoors to keep you inspired and refreshed when plugging away for long hours. Ensure you have storage with lock to stash away vital documents and notes when you are away.

4. Kitchen

Modern Italian Kitchen

A kitchen is the place that brings a family together and let you have friends over. A lot of love goes into making food for a family and a large, well equipped kitchen gives the person in charge the comfort to work happily in their space. Ensure you have sufficient cabinets to store all the utensils and have enough provision to plug kitchen appliances such as microwave, stove range (if electrical), oven, refrigerator, coffee maker, food processor and a toaster or a kettle. When choosing the counter, do adequate research to choose the best material for long term usage and easy maintenance. Finish off the cabinetry with a clean white look, wood or gray to keep it simple and neutral.

5. Dining Area

Formal dining room

Families often dine together and when there is enough food to share, a good sized table will add to the cozy atmosphere of eating together. With spotlights or drop lights and beautifully furnished chairs, the look of a dinner table turns glamorous. If you enjoy drinking and entertaining, adding a wine rack or a mini bar in the dining area finishes off to create a high end look for your family dining cum entertainment area.

6. Bathroom

Marble finish Bathroom

Nothing beats the appearance of a sparkling white bathroom that has been cleaned and smells of fresh lavender when a guest enters. Optimize the space with the right interiors rather than stuffing with all sorts of fixtures. If a bathroom is smaller, use it as a powder room with either a shower room or bathtub instead of having both.  The idea is to keep it as functional as possible.

If you are unsure on how to implement ideas you have gathered through the internet, hire a professional interior designer or go easy on the spending and adopt a simple approach suggested in this article. With these handy tips, we are sure it will help you in improving the value of your home further.