6 Simple Tips for House Hunting in Dubai

  • March 13, 2019

Shopping for a home can be pretty taxing. Especially when you are planning to trade your apartment life to living in a villa community!

An apartment dweller is used to plug in and play when it comes to living in a unit. Staying at a villa is a little different. The benefits of independent housing also comes with additional responsibility.

Villa developers have long understood that people who upgrade their homes, look for the advantages of living in a multistoried building. Security, community life, amenities and maintenance are few of the desired aspects people look for when buying a home.

Dubai’s neighborhoods provide plenty of options for independent housing – townhouses, gated villa communities and theme based villas (golf course view, beach view, parks).

One feels spoilt for choices! How does one decide which one to pick?

We think these ridiculously simple house-hunting tips will help in choosing your dream home in Dubai!

1. Shopping Areas

Grocery shopping

Almost every villa community in Dubai has at least one shopping mart for daily groceries that is nearby. Some communities have more advanced options such as pharmacy, spa and retail outlets. Sobha Hartland, for example, is a city within the city with all kinds of amenities offered to its residents.

2. Eat-outs and restaurants

Fast food eatary

Master developments in Dubai ensure that the neighborhoods are laden with cafes, fine dining restaurants and fast food joints. The options for ethnic cuisines are endless. Whether it is Palm Jumeirah or Dubai Marina area, diners enjoy their food with plenty of entertainment around as well.

3. Health and Wellness

Cycling track in park

When you live in a villa, there are plenty of options for outdoor activities. Cycling tracks, parks, Gyms, Basketball and tennis courts, Children’s Play area, Yoga classes all offer a holistic view on health and wellness. Living close to a golf course on Arabian Ranches or by the sea at Jumeirah will expose you to good quality air and provides you with an opportunity for an active lifestyle.

4. Schools and Hospitals

School area

Never lose an opportunity to pick a home close to your child’s school. Proximity to school means ability to give instant attention in any emergency.

Children blossom when they live close to other families in a community with same-aged friends and landscaped outdoors with dedicated play areas.

A short commute to hospitals is a good thing - generally to all family members - as medical emergencies cannot be predicted and every minute becomes precious in the need of the hour.

5. Getting to the Beach

Villa with pool

The glamour associated with a beach house has long been admired in popular culture. Music videos, cinema and fashion shoots find houses with sea-views as highly desirable. The contemporary style of mixing glass and concrete to bring out the views and make it structurally strong to live is appreciated by the perennial beach bum.

Although communities such as Umm Suqeim and Signature Villas provide the beachside life, the coastline of Dubai offers plenty to residents staying away from the beaches. A ride in your luxury convertible will take you to the exciting array of water activities at popular beaches of Dubai. Whether you are surfing, sailing on a yacht or simply sipping your drink under an umbrella, the azure waters and white sands soothe your eyes with their beauty.

6. Community Life

Community life

Living on a new development project is not a bed of roses. Often, they are sparsely populated and residents are scattered across an expansive community.

If you have a full house of family members across age groups, keeping them engaged becomes hard work. Meeting friends and other family members half way across the city is not always feasible due to transportation and commuting issues.

A well-developed community with parks, shops, sports, school, clubs, pool, BBQ area and cafes is bound to attract some conversation and friendships in making.

Birthday parties for children, festivals and other celebrations will be filled with more fun when people are around. An active social life that is true to man’s core nature is bound to keep your mood elevated and refreshed.