7 Fun and Active Things to do in these Dubai Villa Communities

  • February 28, 2019

Most city dwellers with a hectic life opt for living in an apartment for the conveniences it brings. Many a time, it is also seen as affordable.

People with families feel safe living in a condominium building due to the security, amenities and community life it provides.

All this is changing though.

Independent housing projects provide exactly the same conveniences of an apartment living and more. We found these incredibly fun reasons as beneficial for choosing a villa over an apartment in Dubai - explained in a lighter vein.

Large plot sized villas

1. Go deaf on your neighbors

Finally no more bumping into your neighbor in the lobby who asks you “Is everything ok? I heard some screaming!” while you try to recollect if tripping over your kid's toys sounded that scary to the neighbors. The walls must be really thin. However, now that you have a gorgeous villa on a generous plot, you can croon your favorite song without anyone cringing on the other side of the wall.

Private swimming pool

2. Be the master of your own pool

Come Saturday, the community pool is full with unusual floats and excited screams. Didn’t you just wish you were at a nice resort somewhere calm and peaceful with a lovely drink in hand? With a luxury villa, you get your own private pool. Lounge all that you want without a care at the privacy of your own property.

BBQ areas in backyard

3. Use the backyard to host parties

With a dedicated backyard and front yard there is plenty of space to walk around the house and the backyard makes a perfect setting for barbeque and evening tea parties. Enjoy the intimate moments with friends and family in your personal space and don’t worry about keeping the hours on a tight schedule.

Harvest of green vegetables

4. Soil your hands to get some green therapy

Are you the one in your family with a green thumb and missing all that gardening activity? The summer in UAE can be quite harsh but who is to say that you cannot plant some leafy greens, eggplant and summer friendly vegetables? You can grow more of your favorite vegetables in the cooler months! Winter is ideal for planting cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes and the likes. Eat them fresh and organic straight from your private garden!

Gated community

5. Let your kids out in the safety of a gated community

Worried that the outdoors can be unsafe for your young ones? Fret not. There are plenty of Villa communities that are gated within Dubai that offer parks and recreation for children of all age groups. From play areas to sport courts to biking tracks and a soothing view of the surroundings, being in a community villa or townhouse gives the same bonding of staying at an apartment building and yet provide you with an independent life.

Beach view

6. Enjoy the sprawling landscaped area for a calming view

Staying in a community is no ordinary experience. Property developers are constantly innovating to engage their residents by providing theme-based lifestyle. Whether it is a golf view villa at Emirates Golf Club, beach house in Palm Jumeirah or homes with lush green surroundings at The Meadows, each outclasses the other. From seaside views to golf course views, these homes provide a classy lifestyle with amenities ranging from schools, cafes, restaurants, shopping areas and more.

Value deal on Dubai house

7. Don’t have to compromise on the price

Although many hesitate to invest in a villa due to perceived costs and maintenance, one realizes that many villas located in the same area as an apartment building cost the same or sometimes even lesser. Mohammed Bin Rashid City and Jumeirah Village Triangle Villas* are good examples of this dichotomy. For one, there is over supply of housing units in Dubai and two, more projects in Dubai are focusing on affordable housing with a renewed vigor.

This is probably the best time to buy a home in Dubai as the prices are pretty low when compared to international real estate with the same infrastructure and facilities.

Children and pet-friendly communities offer an incredible opportunity for families by allowing them to enjoy the facilities with no hassle of traveling long distances for every small thing.  

*Property Monitor