7 Must Know Insights from Home Buyers Revealed

  • July 13, 2018

Being a home owner is part of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The best of the people strive to own a place called “Dream house”. The poorest of the poor want to have a thatch over their head and the richest of the rich want a luxury villa that fulfills all their aspirations and ultimately the satisfaction is found only after owning that coveted document saying “Property registered in the name of _____ “.  With so much at stake, what would one do after finding out that the home they purchased is not up to the mark? What if it is a huge let down from what the buyer aspired for?

We found out that home buyers are trapped into purchasing objectionable homes much against their will and knowledge, only because the person who sold them the home was not open about the underlying issues of the house. The seller was too eager to find someone to take it off their hands and made the buyer pay a huge price for it, both financially as well as emotionally, because home buying is inherently a combination of fulfilling self-esteem as well as psychological need. When the buyer finds out the house is sub-standard, it can have a devastating effect on their morale.  What do most home-owners object to, in terms of poor quality of housing? Here’s the list we made:

  1. Home exterior: Make sure your home inspection checklist does not miss the exteriors. The yard, driveway and swimming pool should all be done properly for drainage and cleaning. No blockages should be found in the pool that causes water to smell and become unclean. The yard should be free of over-dampening or avoid becoming squishy for kids to play or walk. Driveway should be done with safety precautions and with no drain openings for tires to get stuck.
  2. Home interior: Plain walls and clean floors don’t mean that a home is free of safety issues. Make sure there are no water seepages in the house causing mold to appear. Molds can cause acute respiratory problems. Check for maintenance of appliances. Faulty or aged appliances tend to cause fire and other hazards that may cause injury to you. Cooking range and microwave are notorious in attracting thick greasy stains in hidden areas that are hard to clean. You don’t want unwanted life growing on unnoticed food reminders in the house.
  3. Electricity: Proper grounding of outlets is utmost important for home safety. Also ensuring all the switches work is vital for functionality of the house. Besides, you don’t want to miss that one loose wire hanging somewhere in the corner or back of the house.
  4. Plumbing: Leaky faucets, non-performing toilet closets and flush tanks and clogged plumbing is a nightmare for any resident of an urban dweller. Add to that, low pressure showers and faucets, the day does not seem to end there! Home inspection when done professionally, will ensure your potential new house is free of all these ailments!
  5. Real estate agent: How did real estate agents make it to this list? We are only hinting that perhaps there could be someone who claims to be an agent and misleads you into buying a home with plenty of flaws without pointing out to them for your benefit. Always hire a licensed, professional agent with high rating in the industry. They are easily found on leading property portals of your city.
  6. Listing time on market: Be cautious if the property is too long or too short in the market. If it’s too long, investigate why it is yet to be sold. If it’s just listed, be thorough in your research and understanding of market conditions. Always make time for a detailed site visit and home inspection.
  7. Missing amenities: “Oops! There are no schools here, honey!” Now that is not a situation you want to be in, especially with your young family. Use a neighborhood guide that lists places nearby to your prospective home that includes entertainment, shopping areas, recreation, schools, play areas, hospitals/clinics and restaurants.

With these 7 confessions, we are confident that you will not miss out on a great deal when purchasing a home for you and your loved ones. Make sure, your tracks are covered and you are in for happy times in a long run.