8 Essential Steps to Succeed as a Real Estate Agent in Dubai

  • August 08, 2019

In order to buy or rent a house in Dubai it is best to take the help of a professional since, they gather the niche skills required to understand market, pricing and selling features of a home.

How does one become a real estate agent in Dubai though?

One can become the best real estate agent in Dubai by acquiring necessary skills, being informed about market and client expectations and above all understanding the essential steps including Licensing Process.

For starters, patience and hard work are vital to break into the trade.

It is also important to have a charismatic personality and outstanding people management skills. Above all, a never give up attitude and being well informed is the key to stay on top of your game.

Step by step guide to become a professional agent in Dubai is as follows.

1. Get a Residency Visa

Sponsor for resident visa

A resident visa is a must before becoming an agent.

A sponsorship from an employer or from your spouse can get you a resident visa.

2. Get Certified with RERA Training

Online test RERA

With a residency visa, you can apply for the RERA Agent Course online and join a course at the Dubai Land Department (DLD). Many leading real estate companies also offer test preparatory services. Conduct adequate research to find good real estate jobs or to partner with a registered, experienced broker who knows the industry thoroughly.

3. Join classes at RERA training center

RERA classes online

Register for the classes using this link. The course name is "Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers" and cost of the exam is AED 2,500. Payment must be made in person at the RERA Training Center prior to your class date. On the day of the visit, carry a copy of your passport, visa and your class registration receipt that can be printed online.

With about 20 hours of work, the course is designed to provide a recognized qualification for real estate professionals that are already working or looking for work in Dubai's real estate industry.

4. Take the test to obtain your license

Real estate license in Dubai

RERA has made it mandatory for property agents in Dubai to pass an exam to obtain a Dubai real estate license, after 4 days of the training course. The license has to be renewed every year at a cost of AED 700. A minimum pass score of 85% is required to renew your license. The renewal exam must be taken one month before the license expires.

5. Succeeding as a Real Estate Agent

Successful real estate agent

In Dubai and most parts of the UAE, there is no independent agents. Either, one has to be part of a team of registered property agents or join a network of agents or companies that are registered to provide services in the UAE.

To be extremely successful, a Dubai property agent must have great networking skills and good number of referrals who can singlehandedly give you plenty of business. Ensure your database is quickly accessible with contact details at all times.

6. Digital Marketability

Digital marketing

When you’re part of a network of licensed real estate agents, people will easily find you. However keep up with current online trends to make sure you don’t miss out on quality leads.

Use social media generously to reach out to your prospects with dedicated property pages to showcase your listings. Share insights about real estate and show your expertise about communities, neighborhoods and residential areas in Dubai. Regular posts (daily basis) help you track traffic, prospects and notice any changes to market information.

A good website is also crucial for online presence. In case you do not want to invest in one, use reliable service providers to keep your profile and listings updated on the host site. Most service providers promote your listings on their social media platform as well and allow you to analyze the type of leads that your listings generate.

7. Promote yourself to gain new leads

Self promotion in real estate

Every week, make targeted phone calls, send emails or create referrals to gain leads. Advertise through flyers, posters and social media in places where the community comes together regularly. Buy leads from a strong database to acquire new business. Meet people for effective conversions of prospects to actual buyers or renters. Think out of the box and stay motivated!

8. Be Customer friendly

Customer friendly real estate transaction

Last but not the least, make your clients and prospects feel special by giving them all the attention they deserve. Put them at ease while discussing legal terms or procedures about buying or selling. Build trust with your clients by being transparent at all times.


(Images do not represent actual process pictures. Meant only to aid in understanding the context better.)