A Complete CheckList Before Putting a House on Sale

  • October 20, 2017

In the current times, people buying property rarely look at plots to build homes. Why? Mainly the hassle. Identifying the right location, finding the right architect or builder, tracking material cost, timely labor and exploring numerous options of using the right building materials are just a few things to think of in building your own home. However, there’s little to worry about today. There are a number of real estate builders who build beautiful homes with amenities worthy of the property cost. These type of standardized buildings help in building communities, especially for growing families in a new country.

Newer buildings are usually advertised by the developer with all the basic features explained in eye-catchy visuals. In the secondary market though, one has to rely on a reliable real estate agent to show investors or buyers, the properties they are looking for. In the present internet era, most homes are listed on property websites with fact sheets about the house on sale. The fact sheets give a synopsis on the homes that are on market, from which buyers can choose to shortlist or purchase remotely based on their confidence with the seller. But nothing replaces visiting the property and seeing it in your own eyes, right?

Here is a brief checklist, while presenting a property or for looking into a property:

Property features

  • Good understanding of the local square unit area and what it covers
  • Type of flooring
  • Look outs – Belvedere, Balcony, and Windows
  • Appliances and Kitchen cabinetry
  • Master with Ensuite and number of bathrooms
  • Working conditions of Plumbing and Electricity
  • Moisture and Odor free environment
  • Parking


  • Barbecues
  • Games Room
  • Work-out area
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Home Theatre room / potential
  • Ramps for Wheel chairs – potential to add if necessary


  • Proximity to beach, shopping malls and convenience stores
  • Easy accessibility to schools, colleges, libraries and hospitals
  • Access to Local cuisines, Fast Foods and Ethnic cuisines
  • Public transit (Ferry, taxis)
  • Places of Worship

These are just a few things to look for during your guided property tour. Your personal choices and preferences can be shared before a due diligent buying decision is made.

If you are someone who works, lives or visits Dubai with your family and looking to invest on a villa in a great neighborhood, don’t hesitate to contact one of our real estate agents.