All you need to know about the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi

  • July 19, 2020


Abu Dhabi is the heart of the UAE and the most prosperous among the seven Emirates. With its high living standards, Abu Dhabi offers one of the best medical care in the world and introduced compulsory medical coverage for all its expatriates in the country. Hence, extending prestigious service to locals, expats and even visitors.

The Department of Health (DoH) in Abu Dhabi is the Emirate’s counterpart to the Ministry of Health in Dubai. DoH is the regulative body of the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi which ensures excellence in Healthcare for the community. The Department also drives programs that increase awareness of healthy living standards among the population in Abu Dhabi.

Part of their vision is to position Abu Dhabi as a prominent international destination for medical tourism ensuring the highest satisfaction among their patients. In line with Abu Dhabi's vision 2030, the Emirate brings together key players in the tourism, transportation, and immigration sectors to deliver seamless healthcare to international patients.

In 2017, the Emirate accommodated about 7,404 international patients in 36 hospitals. (


Have your health checks in Abu Dhabi

For those seeking treatment in Abu Dhabi, you will not only be ensured of high-end facilities but also a high-level of medical care from the moment you arrive in the Emirate until the time you depart. Abu Dhabi is generously offering medical visas, on-ground transportation, and partner hotel and tourism agencies to assist you in your journey and road to recovery once you return home.

Abu Dhabi as a city has gained its reputation as a safe and crime-free society, a factor in which every Abu Dhabi resident takes pride in. The city has been ranked the safest city in the world offering the best in digital, health, infrastructure, and personal security. Abu Dhabi is equipped with the latest technology that covers a wide range of medical specializations from advanced cardiology, gynecology, general surgery to neurology.


Abu Dhabi Healthcare Quality Indicators

What distinguishes Abu Dhabi from the rest of the cities is the “JAWDA” programme launched in 2014. The DoH launched the programme with the aim to enhance the quality of healthcare services to nationals and residents alike. JAWDA is a quality index that provides precise data on the quality and standards of healthcare services, enabling patients to decide on the medical destination to receive the best treatment. The quality of the metrics covers four main areas: safety, the effectiveness of care, timeliness of service delivery, and patient-centricity. (

Medical Tourism is a rapidly growing trend of traveling across international borders to receive quality healthcare treatment. Abu Dhabi is already geared up for the race by being part of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) and for hosting the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress in Abu Dhabi in 2021, wherein hundreds of experts are expected to take part from over 100 countries.

Abu Dhabi plans to highlight specific medical excellence in areas such as open-heart surgery and cancer treatment which are not common in the region.