Best Home Interior Ideas with Mirrors

  • July 18, 2018

There are a lot of things we try to fill our home with, to make it look livelier. Some are fashionable, some are functional. And then comes the mirrors! If you don’t have them, your home is incomplete. Nowadays, mirrors are much more than just an instrument to gaze oneself. Over the years we have seen that mirrors are becoming a pivotal part of your home décor, adding a dash of glam to your space and interiors.

From the design part, the foremost thing you need to think is where it will reflect. There was a reason why candles were placed in front of the mirror - they double the light effect of the candle. You need to be careful while placing things in front of the mirror. For instance, avoid a blooming vase of flowers which will block the clarity of the mirror and hence makes the home interiors appear more cluttered.

Another design element is that you can bounce the light into an otherwise darker room by having a mirror door wardrobe wisely placed in front of the nearest light source.
A mirror hung to reflect a window gives the perfect illusion of another window in the room. Space will look much bigger and on sunny days, even brighter. Mirroring has become rapidly popular as design effect for furniture. The tiny mirror knobs’ design finishes can add instant glam and life to a simple piece of furniture. A distressed mirror can make an elegant antique piece.
Gallery walls are not just confined to photos and prints. You can decorate the walls by collecting small ornate mirrors - instead of a gallery wall, have gallery mirrors. It looks classy and elegant in villas, especially. All you need to do is spray paint them and you are good to go!

Mirrors can definitely go outside too! Yes! Your backyard or the garden area. Especially when you own a luxury villa and have a garden space, you can hang a mirror on a fence or on the side of your home. You may even nail it to the tree, it can be a great way to create the illusion of lots of space.