Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Dubai

  • December 24, 2018

It is not often that one takes off during Christmas time and miss the snow-flakes on the roof top and driveway. The time, other than Thanksgiving, that people come together as a family is on December 25 of every year.

Christmas is not just a tradition for Christians all around the world to celebrate the festivities with a Xmas tree, exchange of gifts and turkey in the oven. Whether it is shopping deals, special foods in eateries and restaurants or dedicated events in the town square to celebrate with the community, it is a major cultural event in every corner of the world.

One of the major celebrations happen in a global city famed for its duty-free shopping amidst all the glitz and glamour, viz., Dubai. The city starts with the much awaited shopping festival on Boxing Day that goes on over a month until early February. With incredible bargains and raffles to be won, this festival is what keeps all the expats and tourists excited.

Is it any wonder then, that Dubai is frequented by visitors right on Christmas time from all over the world including from countries where the festival is huge - UK, France, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand to name a few?

As much as white Christmas is welcomed with open arms, the trend is shifting slowly. Greener and warmer places are desired during peak winter by those belonging to Gen X onwards. The reasons could be attributed to social and financial reasons. As economy slows down and unemployment increases, younger professionals move out for better prospects. When cost of living becomes steep, even retired seniors prefer alternate global destinations to buy house and spend the evening of their lives.

During the festival season, even when the pull towards home gets stronger, practical reasoning makes people spend time in their country of residence and make do with the preparations and celebrations of their host country.

In all fairness, Dubai, a cosmopolitan city and unique on its own when compared to other middle eastern cities, beats many other global destinations hands down in celebrating festivals from all religions and regions across the world. One does not feel any compromise in their lifestyle when living in Dubai. It is a city that welcomes people from all walks of life for a promise of great opportunities and even greater life. So if you have chosen to stay back in Dubai during this Christmas, be ready to be pampered by celebrations all around the city. If you are living in a residential community, then prepare yourself to enjoy even more with your neighbors, friends and family. Merry Christmas 2018!