Building Smart Homes: Technologies to invest when building your Home

  • August 13, 2020


In this day and age, we are living in the future we have only imagined ten years ago. Technology has radically changed the way we communicate, travel, prepare food, and build homes. Having a fully automated home has been made possible through advancements in technology today. From automatic doors, motion-detecting lights, surveillance cameras, and installation of various sensors to monitor temperature, air quality, energy usage, and the list can go on.

We can check in on almost anything through the apps from our smartphones. And controlling our homes is one of them. Managing our homes has become so much easier and made accessible right from our fingertips. We even have our virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant that lets us set up household routines to follow and control home devices with one command.

Dubai has always been dubbed as a futuristic city and such are their modern architecture and lifestyle. The future of homes is continuously being digitalized and automated with smart technologies. Take a few insights and know where to invest in building your smart home.

The internet of things

The Internet of Things (or IoT), sounds like a very techy term out of Silicon Valley, however, it is a key component to home automation. Now, mobile phones and computer devices are not the only things we can connect to the internet. Think of the difference it would make when all our home appliances – from air conditioning to boiling water, from clocks to speakers, lights, doors, and windows.

Having the ability to control these devices remotely through a push of a button or voice command is no longer fiction. Your home devices can also communicate with each other and send you information. Now you don’t have to worry about leaving your pet hungry with the help of automated pet feeders.


Home technologies

Before diving into an ocean of home-automation products, it also pays to understand how these technologies work, what type of protocols they use, is it going to add value to your way of doing things and investment in time and money.

There are home activities that are essentially important which are simple to automate and are relatively inexpensive. As an advice, it is best to stick to one protocol when buying products. Some might involve a set up for various protocols, some devices are wired, wireless, or even a combination of both.

Smart lights are a simple asset to home automation, easy lighting control provides for a better mood, convenience, and improved lifestyle. Multi-room audio that is voice-activated seamlessly controls audio or music transmission to any portion of your home, now that is an absolute mood booster! Autonomously adjust the temperature in your home through intuitive sensors that match your preferences and the environment. Smart technologies also make for effortless home maintenance and security measures.

Security is an important aspect in which smart technologies account for. A smart home system protects your property and family from a wide range of risks. Providing access control and operating your home is under complete control of the owner and includes applications for remote automation.

Finally, smart home automation is also about managing energy and power consumption efficiently. Smart technologies create property-wide energy efficiencies to support lifestyles, help reduce bills, and preserve the environment.


Your home but smarter

Home automation is going mainstream. The future of homes is only going to get smart, no matter what. Your smart home system is specifically designed by you to cater to your own needs and match your lifestyle. Technology should not drive the way we live but it will only get smarter through technology that fits our needs.

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