Defining Contemporary Style Villas in Dubai takes a new turn

  • December 18, 2017

To make a villa contemporary and relevant to the current market is every builder’s dream. The designers are however challenged by the constraints of the project deadline, budget and getting the pulse of the end customers. In many projects, there is complete lack of design focus and process. In high value transactions, this is unacceptable. A property can demand a premium if all the design elements is taken into consideration.

Contemporary doesn’t necessarily mean a modern building with all amenities and practical features that is applicable to today’s world. It could mean differently to different people. As times change, so do people. There are macro environmental factors that influence the purchasing behaviors of individuals. In high networth transactions the dynamics are slightly different from regular property purchases but not free from factors such as government policies, regulation and environmental hazards. On the economic front, there are implications of applicable tax rates, currency exchange rates and income levels. On the socio-political front there are implications where sentiments run high and there is general unrest in the society. Identity of an individual may be associated by the area they live in and the type of home they own. Environmental policies may enforce imbibing renewable energy sources in buildings. Legal system could change the way you purchase property and the areas that are approved for purchase by people from other nationalities.

After doing much due diligence based on above factors, one can move to the next level i.e., start the process of purchasing a home. Here, we will explore the example of buying a villa in Dubai simply because most concerns are taken care of in a city like Dubai. Property transactions are extremely straightforward, simple and transparent here. The city is truly cosmopolitan and welcome people from all nationalities here. It is also safe and secure with crime rates so low that the rest of the world can only dream of. There are schools and higher education institutions that are on par with the best in the world, more so now than the earlier days when the city was still being built. Construction is rampant here and the best builders of the world call Dubai their home. The most modern construction practices are implemented in creating architectural wonders of the world in this city.

The villa communities of Dubai range from theme based deluxe units to the affordable homes for the modern, upwardly mobile, white collared individuals. These villas are available for both, buying or renting. Renting is practical for those who have moved recently into the city or still considering their buying options. Those who are exploring opportunities to settle in the city, finding their dream vacation home or looking for an investment to buy or rent out have a lot to choose from.

The villaments of Dubai offer anything from golf homes, seafront homes to eco-friendly homes. That’s not all. Affordable housing also offers townhouses anywhere from the suburbs to the heart of the city. But when one chooses to live a life of luxury, sky is the limit here. You will find large, designer furnished homes along lush golf courses and gorgeous unfurnished or furnished beach houses with swimming pools in posh neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are in proximity to shopping malls, schools, hospitals, cinema, retailers and restaurants. For the ones who prefer a secluded area for the privacy of their loved ones and themselves, there are villas along the beaches of Jumeirah. Palm Jumeirah, Arabian Ranches, The Villa, The Springs and Jumeirah Park make for trending neighborhoods in Dubai. Equipped with good real estate knowledge of Dubai, take a decision to buy a villa and make sure you go online to find properties for comparison and review.

Now we come to the important aspect of defining contemporary property that we started with. With so many options of floor plans, home interiors and facades one may be tempted to go with popular culture of buying brand new homes with modern amenities. While this is alluring to a home buyer, there are great properties on the secondary market that has been designed with the tastes of original owners. Some may be eclectic, exotic, classic and some with neutral minimalism. A villa or a home becomes contemporary only when it becomes relevant to the buyer living in a dynamic environment. That means good architecture principles ingrained with excellent structural engineering that caters to the needs of people of all age groups. If it comes furnished with high quality interiors there is not much to change except making it a little more personal with your finishing touch. If furnishing is poor quality, there is no regret in upgrading your home to 2.0! And an unfurnished home always comes with the promise of making it your own!

Happy Holidays!