DLD's Smart App Package to inaugurate Innovation Week

  • February 26, 2019

​DLD unveils a range of innovative applications and updates on its pioneer initiatives to serve the real estate market.

His Excellency Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director General of Dubai Land Department (DLD), inaugurated DLD's activities during Dubai Innovation Week, taking place 24 – 28 February 2019, in response to the wise leadership's directives to contribute to the innovation process in the UAE and support of UAE Innovation Month 2019. The inauguration ceremony was attended by DLD's employees, customers, school students, and Ahmed Al Hashimi, a Person of Determination from Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

During this week, which was launched under the slogan 'Change Through Inspiring Thought,' DLD launched several services, including phase two of the Dubai Real Estate Self Transaction (Dubai REST) platform, Taqyimee programme, and new phase of the Dubai Brokers programme. The 'A Week Without Service Centres' initiative will also be implemented to provide services through smart applications, such as 'Ejari'. The day also witnessed an exhibition of the achievements of innovative students.

Bin Mejren said: "DLD is proud to support the UAE Innovation Month initiative to emphasise its importance in line with the vision of our wise leadership to achieve its purpose, most prominently promoting innovation in Dubai and the UAE to be an inspiring platform for future generations. The combined efforts of our institutions and departments will contribute to transforming Dubai into the smartest, happiest, and most innovative city in the world. At DLD, we witness a vivid example of this commitment by continuing to introduce innovative initiatives that contribute to the convenience and happiness of our customers as well as all citizens, residents, and visitors. Through innovative solutions that we regularly offer throughout the year, DLD has become a reference for the various mechanisms of real estate regulation and registration, regionally and globally."

Dubai REST platform

DLD developed the Dubai REST platform as the first digital real estate market in Dubai that encompasses all real estate transactions and allows investors and owners to make real estate investment decisions through a complete set of digital transactions without the need for paper documents, reducing  procedures. This aims to strengthen the Emirate's position as a global real estate investment destination. During this week, the public will have the opportunity to learn more about this project that aims to liberate Dubai's real estate market from procedural constraints by adopting an advanced digital real estate business system and keeping pace with the changes witnessed by the market.

Taqyimee application

The Taqyimee application, showcased by DLD during Innovation Week, is a smart platform that is being provided by DLD to bring customers and valuators onto one platform, tracking procedures and providing smart services to valuators while allowing owners and their representatives to view the details of valuation companies accredited by DLD before they choose a company and submit an application to evaluate the property directly through the app. Through the app that operates under the umbrella of the 10X Strategy to provide all services in one place, users may also monitor and compare DLD's valuations with those of private valuation companies.

Innovation Camp

The Innovation Camp, held on 27 and 28 February, is an initiative from Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), DLD's education arm, to introduce innovative ideas and discuss the challenges facing the real estate market to find solutions in an innovative and effective manner.

The innovation camp is designed to become an open space for knowledge and scientific exchange between experts and real estate stakeholders across various categories and strategies that contribute to the development of the real estate market and enhancing its global position. The camp will discuss a number of topics, including: the roles of the government and decision makers, developers, brokers, Trainers, valuators, financial institutions and researchers.

Rental Good Conduct (RGC) Certificate

The RGC certificate is an innovative application from the Rental Disputes Center (RDC) through which the information of the parties to the rental relationship (landlord and tenant) is presented to each other, in a system linked to a database at RDC, after authorisation from both parties. The new first-of-its-kind application provides an RGC certificate that serves as a precedent for the tenants, and hence will be a major component of the tenants' financial merit verification process. The application is not limited to giving information that concerns the tenant, but also provides information about the owner and cases registered in his name.

(Source: Dubai Land Department)