Dubai Houses for Sale? Luxury homes benefit from 10 Selling Tricks

  • July 11, 2019

Luxury home selling is a different kind of real estate market where getting the pulse of your buyers is the key. From pricing to marketing, every step has to be carefully formulated.

Last year Dubai saw some upsurge in luxury property sales, especially the beach front homes among international home buyers. There is definitely a huge potential for agents looking at selling luxury villas in Dubai as long as they follow some simple tricks to position the property for sale suiting their buyers.

Here are 10 tricks to see your luxury home in Dubai fly off the inventory soon as it hits the market.

1. Agent specialized in luxury market

Realtor with clients

Best place to start looking for an agent experienced in selling luxury real estate is a referral. If you live in a neighborhood full of luxury homes it won’t be hard to locate the right agent. However search for specialist agents through reputed search network.

You may want to speak to few agents first to understand their expertise before hiring them. Be candid while questioning and ask them about pricing and marketing methods of past success stories.

2. Defining luxury for home buyers

Dubai Skyline from Luxury Apartment

Luxury means different things to different people. However in general, a property that only a select few views as affordable is considered luxury. Whether your property is located in a prime area or built on a huge plot or has the most expensive interiors or is a combination of all the three, there is a premium attached to it.

Based on the attribute considered luxury, your home should be positioned accordingly among potential buyers.

3. Home staging – Go Pro or DIY?

Home staging

Home staging is done best when showing the versatility of the house. In spite of the personalization in a luxury home, the space should show potential for customizing to suit future buyers.

Staging that shows a rigid structure is a put off as buyers cannot visualize themselves living in the space.

That’s why when the stakes are high, it’s best to go with a professional stager who can guide home sellers through the process and highlight their home’s best features. Do it yourself (DIY) ideas work better for smaller units.

4. Setting the right price

Property Price Setting Factors

With the help of your specialist agent, understand market dynamics and recent villa sales in the neighborhood to fix the correct price. Make the best opportunity to make a sale without undercutting yourself and find a happy middle ground before setting the price.

5. Use high quality pictures to showcase all dimensions of your property

High Quality Image of Property

Blurry images, improper lighting across the property, trash and laundry in the photographs is best avoided.  After identifying a home stager who will guide you to arrange your home, hire a photographer for a day and take photos of your home from good angles, both indoors and outdoors. A video tour of the property is even better.

Areas that best represent your home include Street view, Garden/Parks (if there), Swimming Pool, Living/Dining room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Entertainment Area and Back yard.

Views from windows add to the charm. Dubai has plenty of beachside homes, golf homes and skyline views and properties belonging to the category attract a great price.

6. Understand the various media used by buyers

Smart Device Use in Real Estate

In today’s digital times the easiest thing to do is upload few pictures of your property on social media or free listing and hope for the best. However, high end property requires a little tender, love and care.

A wealthy investor is not necessarily looking at regular online hangouts to invest in or buy luxury home. As owner, you may empathize with that thought. Hence, invest in the right mix of media, professional pictures in printed material and right digital platforms. Exclusive property portals focused on luxury market in Dubai should also be considered for listing your home.

7. Book a viewing or Open House?

Open House for Viewing

Luxury homes are best viewed in exclusivity with the potential buyer and their agent. Many regular buyers are just passing through luxury properties out of curiosity. To get seriously interested buyers in, use a good online application to filter out casual onlookers and allow potential buyers to book a viewing.

You can use very specific media to track the buyers for identifying quality leads. You can also create an invite-only event.

8. List the best features of your home

Best feature of house

When you make a list of the top features of your home your job is half done in making a sale. Identifying the best features is the key. What you perceive as best may not be received in the same way by the buyer.

 Avoid showcasing highly personal décor, pictures and color schemes that can turn potential buyers away. Desirable attributes such as a dedicated entertainment area, a fully manicured garden and view to sunset may be highlighted with quality photos to attract buyers to viewing your property.

9. Use a guide to create a unique identity for your home

Branding Image for property

Think professional. Have consistency in your messaging across all promotional materials. Use a pleasant color scheme to outline the content and imagery that brings out the best in your property. Use a tag line to describe the property. Example: “Eco friendly Luxury Mansion in Dubai’s green community” or “Low Maintenance for Best Property in Dubai’s Luxury Market”. Branding your home shows your thoroughness and class in selling the house.

10. Value addition to seal the deal

Value addition to home sale

Your buyer is sold on the property but there is that slight hesitation and urge to negotiate on the price further. You agent is tapping the foot with impatience to see a closure. What can you offer?

Consider offering quality furniture or a formal piece of décor/icon that is of value to the buyer for no cost. Or absorb a portion of expense anticipated in future for renovation or upgrade by offering a discount.

With these tricks and tips we are sure you will improve your chances of selling a luxury home faster than ever.