Dubai Real Estate Market is Overcoming Challenges in 2019

  • November 08, 2017

Understanding the Real Estate market is not for everyone. However, once you are into it, it’s as addictive as an online game. What is it that drives people to buy-sell properties or invest in properties in different geographical areas? Very early on, a real estate investor understands the value a property brings to the table. For one, it’s a fairly safe investment - provided all the legal work is clean and it’s in a good location. Two, secondary property acquisition brings a good rent and could be part of your steady income. Three, if you rent your property out, you don’t need to hire someone exclusively to maintain it since it is maintained by your tenants. Four, if you have a well maintained home over and above your primary residence in a different city, you can always save on the expensive hotel bills by living in your own home - away - from - home.

Typically, who are these real estate investors? Usually its business owners of some sort, celebrities and people in high places that invest steadily in properties at different places. Although, one cannot ignore the growing number of individuals who belong to none of the categories mentioned above and yet invest in real estate on a regular basis. It could be an average employee in an organization with some family money to play with, it could be a hustler trying to make some fast money or it could be an unemployed person with a little start –up capital and a risk taking persona. The housing market is a great leveler. It gives immense opportunity for people to make money if they are ready to toil. It makes asset-rich but cash-strapped individuals to be on par with the newbies who are trying to make enough to buy the same size property as them.