Dubai Real Estate Trivia as it happens, on MyVilla YouTube Channel

  • June 18, 2019
  • MyVilla collects latest data from various reports about Dubai property market and compiles them into a simple visual report for easy access on all computer and mobile devices.
  • Real estate agents can now create their own trivia and guide potential investors to more educated choices of home buying in Dubai.

Dubai Land Department and Property Monitor Dubai publish monthly and yearly data on all transactions related to land, apartments and villas in Dubai. Though it gives a detailed view into the property market of Dubai, a layman is interested more in the current trends and top view of communities they are interested to invest in.


Many other players in the real estate market research space such as Deloitte and Cushman & Wakefield generate detailed annual reports about Dubai housing.

The difference with MyVilla video reports is that it helps in visualization of the overall picture through key highlights and takeaways. Also voice narration makes the videos accessibility-friendly.

For those who wish to access key data, statistics and analysis about Dubai real estate market, we welcome you to subscribe to MyVilla YouTube Channel.