Dubai's Affluent Lifestyle Attracts People from World Over

  • August 02, 2018

Undoubtedly, Dubai is one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the world and witnesses a year-round traveler’s footprint. Depending on what kind of places you wish to explore or if you’re a night owl or a day person, this city has something to offer for everyone.

Best time to go

Dubai is mostly sunny all year around. Established within the desert belt, it encounters a typical tropical climate. The country episodes harsh summers with temperatures that shoot up to 41 Degree Celsius and acute humidity (up to 90%). Winters are pretty cool and sunny with average lows of 14 Degrees Celsius.

Dubai doesn’t have a rainy season and it doesn’t witness regular rainfall in any other seasons as well. Sometimes, you make see raining here during the winter period between November and March. These months are also the most preferable to visit the region.


Dubai is anytime great to visit during festivals. It just adds thrill and glamour to it. The important festivals of Dubai are listed below, so when you are planning for your trip to Dubai, do make sure you attend at least one of these fiestas!

  • Dubai Shopping Festival: Jan-Feb
  • Dubai Desert Classic: Feb – Mar
  • Dubai International Jazz Festival: Feb – Mar
  • Art Dubai: Mar-Apr
  • Dubai World Cup: Mar-Apr
  • Festival of Taste: Apr-May
  • Dubai Summer Surprises: Jun – Aug
  • Dubai International Film Festival: Nov – Dec
  • National Day Festival: Nov – Dec

Entertainment and nightlife

The main city areas naturally attract more tourists than suburbs do. And where there are tourists, attractions follow them. Be it restaurants, parks, shops or nightlife, you’ll find more in the city than you will, outside of Dubai. Living in the city gives you more options of what to do and where to go - it can be for your typical everyday activities or for any special occasion.

Villas in Dubai

If you are planning your stay at a villa, you may be leaning towards the suburbs, since housing here is more affordable when it comes to renting it for a short time or even buying one for the permanent abode. Owning an independent home in the city is a core dream for most even if renting or buying an apartment in the city could be a realistic option. A villa though, offers privacy, ample space and feels like a proper ‘home’.