Fun Outdoor Activities in Dubai during Eid

  • August 27, 2020

Summer is here and Dubai has welcomed back Tourists once again after months of lockdown. Which also means that we too, are able to go outside and do our favourite outdoor activities again. And as we celebrate Eid Al Adha, we can now bond with our family and friends for the long weekend!

Dubai has been known as an extravagant concrete city, but it is also a beautiful desert landscape with its own natural wonders for those who seek an adventure. Dubai has slowly become popular with their desert safaris, deep sea, and waterparks.

I bet everyone is excited to head outside and enjoy the outdoors once again. If you are a resident of Dubai or a tourist visiting for a few days, you will appreciate the Emirate more if you experience Dubai in one of these fun-filled activities. But before you hit the roads, please remember to keep safe and follow physical distancing measures. Here are seven fun outdoor activities in Dubai you can do during Eid:


1. Al Ali Stables Horse-riding

Want to experience Dubai in the most unique way? Why not enjoy the marvels of the Dubai desert on a majestic Arabian horse. This intimate experience is being offered by the Al Ali Stables horse-riding school. Horses are well-trained and looked after and each visitor gets a full experience with these gentle animals and their guides as you ride through the desert. Book with them and just feel the scenery and amazing sunset.


Al Ali Stables. Mob: 055 455 6688.


2. Desert Quad Biking

Let’s begin our adventure through the desert with the coolest quad biking experience. Drive your own 570 cc automatic quad bike and drive through the biggest dunes in Dubai. All the vehicles are fully equipped and insured with safety kits and tracking systems so you can enjoy your Quad Bike experience to the fullest.


Red Dunes Tourism. Mob: +971556346353


3. Sandboarding

Now you can slide down slopes of a desert dune on a sandboard. Sandboarding in Dubai can be enjoyed throughout the year, thanks to its topography and climate. This activity is sure for everyone to enjoy as your guide will take you to the highest dune to slide down. Enjoy the unique experience of sandboarding!


Desert Safari. Mob: +971 5457 2327 5.


4. Dune Buggy Riding

If you want to give a bespoke extreme adventure a try, a dune buggy ride will bring out the adrenaline in you. Bash through the desert with roaring engines of the buggy. Dubai is known for its finest sands and dune buggy riding is a definite way to enjoy the marvels of the Emirate. There are several tour operators who will guide you through the desert.


Dune Buggy Ride Dubai. Mob: +97150 8147358. Email:


5. Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing is slowly becoming a popular activity in Dubai with regulated fishing spots across the city. Now, you will be able to take fishing on a whole new level by going deep sea. The Persian Gulf is rich with sea life and is home to various schools of fish. You can now rent a boat or yacht accompanied with expert anglers who will accompany you and help you catch various fish such as Barracuda, Sherry and even Tuna. You may also bring home your catch with a maximum of 15kg, otherwise we practice the catch and release method in Dubai.


6. Ziplining

Zoom through the city from a bird’s eye-view! Sign-up to Dubai Marina’s XLine, the longest urban zip line. Fly across Dubai Marina’s picturesque skyscrapers and above the luxurious yachts docked at the Marina. Are you ready to go at a speed of 80km per hour?


XLine Booth, Dubai Marina Mall. Tel: +971 56 507 6366.


7. Swimming

There are numerous waterparks right within Dubai. Why not have a splash with family and friends at the Laguna Waterpark in La Mer. Spend the day by the sea, have a walk at the promenade or just cool down by the poolside.


Laguna Waterpark, La Mer. Tel:  +971 4317 3999. Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM / Monday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.