How Easy is it living in one of the best cosmopolitans in the world?

  • October 25, 2017

“It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.”

- Thomas Jefferson

It is often true of many expats who move countries, to seek a better compensation package than the ones offered in their home countries. There are reasons aplenty. From being undercompensated to increasing familial pressures, financial growth is seen as a first step towards individual freedom. At each stage of life, financial independence provides different things to people of different ages. For a single woman, it gives a chance to explore herself and what the world has to offer her. For a middle aged man, it may mean extra cash to take care of his family and provide for the health of his aging parents. For an elder person, it could mean some old age security that his measly pension could not cover.

As the world is moving to a seamless global village (agree its cliché and an over-used term for cities that are growing) and technology enabling people to work remotely, movers are mostly in industries such as manufacturing, construction, personal services and healthcare. Although labor class is prevalent in such industries, white collared workers are also in much demand. In a relatively young city such as Dubai, worker bees are buzzing in all high rises.

As the city transforms itself from a desert-land to a metropolis to a leading smart city of the world, individuals from all walks of life gather here as workers, employees, guests, visitors and travelers. Lying amidst the Arabian Desert and located south west of the Arabian Gulf, this hot and humid land of sandy dunes attracts close to 15 million international tourists year after year. The city’s incredible infrastructure, amenities, entertainment, events and luxury are just a few incentives to get here. In addition, people who carry their dreams to the wealth of opportunities (pun intended) in the Gulf try to get out of their current struggles in their home countries to make a better living. This singularity is what makes the Emirates a haven for melting cultures and what better city than Dubai to represent that?

Sitting pretty between the East and the West time zones, it is a strategic location that gives easy access to 2.2 billion consumers from around the world. With so much influx of visitors, what is the key in hosting all these international guests? From hotels to retail chains to villas, the city needs as many buildings to hold together foreigners, entertain them and leave them with memories only one can dream of. The booming construction industry of Dubai has pinned much of its hopes on businesses in tourism, entertainment and other key areas of trade & commerce to occupy its fast rising buildings across the city.

Historically, people across the world have poured their excessive earning into real estate / properties. Dubai takes no exception to that behavior. The city is inviting not just as a wealthy host to the rich and famous but it takes its growth very seriously to accommodate people from every background. Dubai is always exploring sustainable ways to grow its city, keep it hydrated in spite of the salinity in its waters, keep its beach-side villaments safe and secure from oceanic pressures and ensure tall buildings are unwavering to the rough desert conditions.

Real Estate in Dubai has to be only seen to be believed. The large areas of houses give ample room for families to be raised. Fully air-conditioned buildings offer the much needed escape from the heat. The outdoors and play areas are well designed for children to play. The recreation activities are exceptional and offers a wide variety of things to do for all age groups. Gated communities offer security to people investing in Villas and Town-homes. These benefits are planned for not just the High Net-worth individuals but also to the common people. Who can disagree then if property developers in Dubai get incentives to include ‘affordable’ homes in their product mix in central areas, as part of a new government policy on affordable housing to be implemented next year?

Yes Dubai is changing. It has given the world both, wealth and splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness is also in the offer…..

Stay tuned!

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