How to define luxury for home buyers and owners?

  • November 08, 2017

Most often luxury is associated with ornate, high end objects that display wealth and glamour. It needn’t be though. One of the first thing that comes to my mind about luxury is comfort and something to relax with. In today’s busy life this has become a prime need considering how little personal time one has while working in ambitious, career-driven lives. This is true of the white collared workers as well as the wealthy business owners, celebrities and the likes.

Many a time, homebuyers look for unique features while buying property. Even if properties are not fully furnished, the layout and amenities make a difference to the purchaser. This is painfully evident as more and more builders offer standard housing attractions in growing real estate hubs. In very high end homes, some customization is allowed for buyers who book their unit early. Considering luxury homes are bought by individuals with large incomes, profiling them would be the best way to understand their taste for home interiors.

Individuals with well-traveled background look for a home that is both practical and elegant at the same time. Well-networked individuals require large seating areas to entertain numerous guests at all times. People with children and pets require a nice backyard and a play area and preferably a pool as well. Young couples who enjoy hosting will require a spacious kitchen and a bar area. Adding a home theatre and a game room will just add to the fun.

One of the first things people notice in a home they are looking to buy is the washrooms. The number of bathrooms, their interiors, fixtures all matter as we give so much importance to our personal grooming and hygiene. When it comes to tiling, preferences vary. Some like a completely white washroom for a feel of cleanliness. Some like a dark contrast and go with a checkered black and white. While people go for regular tiles for ease of cleaning, there is love for granite counter tops and marble walls also. People even go with wooden flooring and beautiful carved wooded bath tubs which gives a completely different look from the good old porcelain tubs. As we say, sky is the limit when going with our personal choices.

The second most important area is the kitchen. Kitchens are personal havens for those who love to cook or bake or entertain. Appliances such as dishwashers, microwave, stove range, chimney and refrigerator make up for a basic set up of a full-fledged kitchen. The cabinets and counter tops are dependent on the layout of the kitchen. They could be U-shaped, L-shaped or a straight kitchen. Black and stainless steel appliances stand out in most layouts. Solid-Wood cabinets and sparkling granite tops in a range of colors give a premium look to a kitchen. Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry, Teak and Rose give a beautiful finish to the cabinets.

Although luxury homes do not lack in floor space, an open layout with a classic wooden flooring in the same color across a large area gives an impression of an area larger than what it really is. Though people from western countries enjoy their fine wooden flooring, others use different forms of flooring materials based on the country they live in. Sourcing materials that are local can give huge benefits to a home owner. Procurement for replacement is simpler when the material is available locally. Ceramic tiles, Vitrified tiles, Cork tiles, Bamboo flooring, colorful Spanish tiles all add character to the home as long as they are done in good taste and covered with elegant furniture and area carpets or rugs.

The living area and the bedrooms look their best when the view on the outside is kind to the eyes with scenic views or looking into the city landscape and architecture. On the inside, they look great with polished dark wooden furniture complimented with high quality leather seating or fabric covered cushions (if it may please the animal lovers). Drapes when chosen over blinds, it can add more color to the interiors with a rich plum red, aquamarine blue or a sea green dark fabric that can go well with an off-white, light peach or mint colored sheer curtains.

Don’t ignore the attic with a beautiful space that you can use for your children’s activity room. You can even convert it into a teenager’s bedroom by adding skylights to the roof which can flood the room with light in the day and provide a view to the starlit sky in the nights. What greater luxury than living in the security of your own home and still enjoying the life that nature provides for us to enjoy?

It is not necessary to go with the most unusual design and style to appear unique, eclectic or eccentric when it comes to home interiors. In a long run, a home should be usable by people of all ages without over crowded furniture, dust grabbing carpets and unending stairways. Choosing the right artwork, sculpture, wall murals, hand-picked paraphernalia and placing them tastefully with a minimalistic outlook will add to the elegance of a home. On the day of moving, minimalism wins hands-down because there is little to leave behind and less to carry forward.

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