Is Dubai a Family friendly city for expats?

  • January 26, 2018

Every year, people around the world, especially the 25+ years old men and women look at starting new in their life. This is true if the freshmen years are transforming to the career-driven future for the urban educated graduate or bachelorhood is changing to newly married life or a young couple are looking at growing their family. This new life is open to accepting any opportunity that promises to make the future secure and helps individuals and families to achieve their personal goals. Is it any surprise then, why individuals move to well-paying jobs and careers in foreign countries and their major metropolitan cities? Major cities in strategic geographic regions attract trade and commerce in a big way and hence employment opportunities are also abundant in such places. One such global city is Dubai, UAE.

In Dubai, a majority of the population is of expatriates from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, the Philippines, Iran, Egypt and China. Significant number of professionals also come from countries such as UK, the US, South Africa, Canada, France and Australia. Nearly 70% of the population is male and 30% is female. This is because many of the male expatriates do not move with their family when they arrive with their work permits. This is changing though. Many professionals are looking at Dubai as a leading destination to bring their families, buy homes and educate their children for its outstanding infrastructure, commerce and amenities that are on par with the best cities in the world.

As Dubai prepares for Expo 2020, a large number of residential projects are developed in the city to make it more conducive to raise families for its international professionals. The last few years has a seen a growth spurt in community-based residential projects. These include apartment complexes and gated communities with villas or townhouses. As more and more parents look for a secure home for their children, these residential projects appear more attractive for families to move in. The reasons are aplenty. Some of them are:

Affordable plans: Although the buying process of homes in Dubai is fairly simple, many expats choose to rent homes in the initial years of their stay in Dubai. This could be due to various reasons – convenience, employer pay plans, not having intention to stay in the country for longer duration than their contract term and so on. Businessmen, celebrities and individuals with high networth choose to invest in houses for its lifestyle and excellent infrastructure. Based on these preferences, different real estate developers offer suitable plans to afford a house in Dubai.

Proximity to good schools, day-care and after school activities: In the most recent years, Dubai boasts of world-class schools and educational institutions. Major international schools with curriculum based on UK, US, Indian and other foreign education systems make it lucrative for expats to raise children in Dubai. Montessori and Day-care options for children in secure neighborhoods, equestrian clubs, swimming pools, cycling tracks, play areas, indoor sports arenas – all make up for an attractive package to bring families into Dubai.

Shopping malls: Shopping areas often provide affordable entertainment for young families in addition to easy access to consumable items and other home requirements. Cinemas around shopping malls are an added benefit for coupling a nice evening or weekend engagement with some quick shopping.

Eateries, restaurants and fast food chains: Children who love their pizzas, burgers, ice cream and shakes and adults who love their kebabs and rotis can all come together if eating joints are close by or if they can provide a swift home delivery for the family of a busy working couple.

Low crime rates: A major concern for couples raising their children in a city away from home is exposure to crime and related activities. Thankfully, Dubai is considered the safest city in the world with the lowest crime rate. The city and its country take their law very seriously and provide the much needed security for its foreign national residents.

Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah, Dubai Sports City, Umm Suqueim are some of the best neighborhoods to bring your children home to, in Dubai. Read more about Dubai family-friendly neighborhoods on