Keeping your home germ-free: Top Sanitizing Companies in Dubai

  • July 16, 2020


Now more than ever, it has become important, and even a necessity, to take every measure to keep every inch of our homes and workplaces clean and disinfected. Ever since the blow of the Coronavirus pandemic, the meaning of cleanliness and personal hygiene has taken on a whole new level. A lot of UAE home service providers are now offering deep cleaning our homes and offices on top of their regular cleaning services. Service providers collaborated with the Dubai Municipality to understand the requirements and processes required for this type of service.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, both homeowners and tenants are seeking to create a safe and hygienic home, including their own vehicles while companies are keen on creating a safe and sterilized environment for their employees. There is no doubt that this type of service is increasing in demand and will become part of everyone’s cleaning regimen.

The process of disinfection and sanitation require industry professionals handling special biocides, chemicals, equipment, and time. All vendors listed in the ServiceMarket are licensed to perform cleaning, sanitation and disinfection services. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the top service providers in this specialized sector available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi:



ServiceMarket is an online marketplace that connects you to over a hundred of service providers in the UAE and across the Middle East. ServiceMarket provides various home services ranging from Moving & Storage, Garden & Pest Control, to Cleaning and Events & Catering. You can also book through their website and get bookings to professional deep cleaning and sanitation services.



Elite Advanced Cleaning Services

Elite offers affordable home cleaning services, commercial cleaning services and virus and bacteria disinfection services. Elite’s Cleaning Services are approved by the Dubai Municipality for health and safety. Their COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting Service is providing pre-emptive cleaning to help mitigate disruptions in your business and ensure the safety of the public and even your own household. COVID-19 cleaning service is professionally and meticulously differentiated from a facility exposed to COVID-19 versus those that wish to take preventive measures.




Khidmah, one of the trusted facility management and home maintenance service providers across the UAE and KSA offers discounted sanitation and disinfection services in the capital. From integrated facility management, landscaping and cleaning services to support their customers, tenants and residents. Khidmah has proven cutting-edge solutions, using industry best practices and innovative technologies that cover every need of your residential, retail and commercial property.




Top-rated cleaning service provider Helpsters cares for people especially during these times of uncertainty. Professionals at Helpsters keep homes and offices hygienic by eliminating allergens, bacteria, viruses and germs. One of their disinfection processes includes the use of electrostatic disinfection technology approved and certified by European standards. 



The Healthy Home

One of the leading sanitation providers in Dubai is offering unique hygiene and sanitation solutions. The Healthy Home aims to protect our loved ones by using advanced eco-friendly solutions and products. The Healthy Home’s services are also made to  cater your home and personal needs ranging from remediating itchy eyes, keeping your children healthy and ensuring a healthy pregnancy by sanitizing your surroundings with non-toxic household cleaning supplies.