List of Available styles in Dubai Residential Market

  • December 22, 2017

Did you know that a home is not merely a building structure that one can live in? What many people around the world call as their home is not necessarily a built-up area. But a house certainly is. A house is usually a structure built by natural and manmade materials, typically having roof, floor, walls, windows and doors to start with.  The basic infrastructure of a modern home consists of electricity and plumbing. So when you start looking for a house to live in how do you come to a decision on what is the best type?

Every country and city around the world has its own unique style of buildings based on the available resources, culture, geography and architectural influence. In countries where forestry thrives, building materials usually consist of wood due to its insulating quality in cold weather and for its availability in large quantities. In hot climates, stone buildings are preferred to keep indoors cooler. Clay, cement, reinforced concrete are some of the most common materials across the globe. Reinforced concrete is commonly used in Middle East and East European countries.

From Ancient Roman architecture to post modern architecture, there are many styles in history that has made a huge impact on cultural crossovers in host countries which yielded to invasions and trade relations from outsiders. Persian Islamic architecture is one such prominent style that dominated between the 7th C and 9th C which drew influences from Roman, Persian, Chinese, Indian and Byzantine architectures. Gardens, water and courtyard are the dominant characteristics of Islamic architecture.

If you are moving or have moved to a middle-eastern country, trying to find a house in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or Dubai here are a few things handy to identify house types that you can choose from. This is not very different from the type of houses in your home country because these young cities are built to be modern, world-class cosmopolitan cities. However it always helps to understand the common terms used to describe a house in a new place you just moved to. Ex: Townhomes or townhouses are commonly used terms in USA or Canada for standard, independent units in a particular area that may or may not be gated. However in a country like India it may be commonly called as Bungalow, Community Villa or simple “Villa”.

Types of Flats and Apartments (Condominiums)

Studio Apartment: A small open style apartment that combines living room, bedroom and kitchen area in a single room. Ideal for singles, students.

Serviced Apartment: Consists of all amenities of a hotel room but works out cheaper for a longer stay when hired.

Podium Villa or apartment: Units above ground floor with a raised view overlooking the street and other outdoor areas such as business centers, shopping areas, beach front and so on.

Penthouse: The unit, topmost of a building with a panoramic/scenic view of the outdoors or the city.

The studio or the serviced apartments are usually cookie-cutter style, built mainly as a rental property with minimum standards and no frills attached. Works best for economy style living.

The podium or penthouse apartments are usually built as theme-based buildings by large builders looking for a premium value on the real estate. Attracts real estate investors, white collared workers, executives and other high networth individuals who are looking at living in downtown or other areas of prime real estate.

Types of houses

Townhouse: A row of independent houses built in a particular locality by a builder, usually having the same standards and amenities across all units.

Bungalow: Independent houses built by individuals’ taste and having unique plot sizes

Community Villa: Same as townhouses but may be moderately bigger units having all amenities under a gated area. Built strategically to have proximity to activities and areas that favor growing families.

Beachfront Villa: A standard style of villas built along the coastline by different real estate builders in their unique architecture designs, all featuring the benefits of seaside living with scenic beauty and luxury lifestyle

Golf course villa: A standard style of villas built along golf courses, by different real estate builders for the golf aficionado, offering green scenery and proximity to their favorite sport.

Needless to say, the villas lure bigger money for a life of comfort and affluent living. But in a place like Dubai which boasts of its modern lifestyle in a fast paced technology driven world, commerce is happening in this hub that connects both, the west and the east at a single place. Individuals who measure their time in money and belong to the tough world of competition mean business when they invest in real estate at this glamorous middle-east city belonging to the UAE.

So, whether you are a student exploring a new city to study its culture and lifestyle or a businessman making the cut in the global marketplace, a place like Dubai never fails to impress you. Find the home, you really are looking for…here.