Maintaining Positivity during a Lockdown

  • June 08, 2020


These prolonged lockdown and quarantine periods have got some of us a little bored and feeling isolated. We are social beings and it is normal for us to seek comfort from our family and friends, aside from the corners of our home. It keeps us sane and well-balanced. However, due to the pandemic, social distancing is required to keep each one safe.

While it may be a challenge to meet relatives and hang-out with friends, there are ways to stay in touch although apart. This is where we start to ask each other how we really are. Here are some tips to stay positive during quarantine and maintain it!



This is probably the most used phrase during this challenging time. But it does encompass what we need, whether it be staying updated with the latest news or keeping in touch with family and friends. This is also a time to reconnect with your old friends or family living abroad. With the internet providing us endless ways to stay connected. Take a break and welcome positive distraction over Zoom or Skype. A simple call asking your parents how they are can go along way, improve your mood, and make you feel safe.


Establish Boundaries

We all need our own private space once in a while, even during isolation. Set some house rules with your family or flatmates that should be practiced by all in the household. Time alone can also help one calm their mind and relax. Some personal activities might include reading a book, enjoying your coffee, or even meditating. This is a time more than ever to show yourself some self-love.


Have Fun

While this is a time to help one another keep safe, we can also do so by spreading positivity around us. Panic, anxiety, and the sheer uncertainty of these days can add unnecessary stress to our daily lives. Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or any occasion during quarantine shouldn’t be missed out and is also a reminder for us to look towards better days ahead! If not, DIY your own parties at home like having a movie marathon, pizza party, or quiz night.


Set a Plan

Although we are staying at home, it shouldn’t affect our daily routine or responsibilities in the house or at work. Wake-up with a plan on tackling your day and set-up a To-do list to achieve certain tasks or goals. By doing so, it also helps you focus on things that matter and have control over rather than being constantly distracted by what’s going on. Setting your daily routine during quarantine impacts your mental health, improves your mood, and helps you get things done too. So you truly make time for family, work, and personal interests.