Prevent the spread of COVID-19 with Al Hosn App

  • July 28, 2020

(Image Credit: The National)

As we continue to explore more ways to curb COVID-19 and wait for a vaccine to be developed, more and more studies are currently being conducted in the UAE to understand the nature of the virus and conduct innovative treatments. The UAE government is working with innovative diagnostic tools and digital tools to support our medical facilities and ensure the security of every citizen, resident, and tourist in the country.

This free app is launched by the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Health Authority to allow for quick detection of potential coronavirus cases. The app is a combination of the previous COVID-19 tracing app launched by the Department of Health.


What is Al Hosn?

The launched app is one of the most effective tools in the fight against COVID. The app is named after a historical fortress in Abu Dhabi and is the official digital platform for COVID-19 tests in the UAE. The app allows medical officials to detect who has been in contact with a COVID-19 carrier through Bluetooth. It can also detect if you are in proximity with those who have contracted the virus, provided that the user has also downloaded the app on their phones.

Every user who downloads the app receives a unique QR Code, which would contain vital information about the user’s health. The app is encrypted which also guarantees users a high degree of privacy protection through Artificial Intelligence. Through this app, officials are able to trace and contact those at risk, communicate with them and re-test them.


Why do you need to subscribe?

People are urged to download and subscribe to the app to achieve the objectives of this platform. Users can download this new app for free and register using their Emirates ID and mobile number. Each individual will then receive a unique code and request the user to switch on Bluetooth mode on their phones. The app is run by artificial intelligence that provides educational awareness as well as the results of your COVID-19 test.

The app is highly reliant on subscriber database, hence, when used extensively by a great number of people it can help identify COVID-19 hotspots and send notifications for people to steer clear of them. The app can also facilitate in contact tracing a person who turned positive after COVID-19 testing. All registered users who have the app installed on their phones will be alerted if they happened to get in contact with a positive COVID-19 patient, receive an alert, and require themselves to self-isolate and be tested. Learn how to use the app and help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

It truly is a collaborative and community effort for the application to work effectively. Therefore, the MOHAP (Ministry of Health and Prevention) has stressed the importance of subscribing to the Al Hosn app by all residents. Through this innovative medical app, it expedites early detection and isolation which is very important in containing the spread of this virus. Download the app now, available for free on iOS Appstore and Android Google Play.