Renting and Moving during a Pandemic

  • June 01, 2020


The year 2020 has been an unforeseeable time on a global scale. Businesses, wage earners and employers have all faced the pandemic blow and some really endured the repercussions brought about by the current situation. Despite these tough times, each one of us is forced to accommodate and adapt to the “new normal”.

Considering these times, it is important to know our rights as a tenant as well as acknowledge the measures being taken by the UAE government, local authorities, and your landlords. Whether we are directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic, some people are using this time to move accommodations due to pay cuts or invest in good property deals.

Here are a few things you need to know about moving out and renting a property in Dubai during a pandemic:


Can you move during quarantine period?

Yes, moving apartments or homes during lockdown is possible. Real Estate firms have partnered with courier companies to have contracts signed and resorted to the viewings of their properties online.


Can you terminate your tenancy contract before its expiry?

Under normal circumstances, you may have to look back into your contract for any exit clauses or penalties. Some landlords may also accept an early termination if you take the initiative to find a replacement. During these unprecedented times, you can always negotiate such a situation with your landlord.


Do you require a move-in/move-out permit?

Yes, the standard rule applies to obtain a move-in and move-out permit. The process requires a move-out permit from your landlord and a move-in permit from your new residence. It is advised to request for any permits five days prior and check with the community or building you are residing in.


Can you move your utilities online?

No need to worry about moving your utilities and essential home services such as internet, Ejari and DEWA to your new place because this can be done online. Moving your telecommunications service is easy by sending an email through their dedicated customer service. For Du, send an email to while for Etisalat, drop them an email at Moving your DEWA is also simple online through They also offer a 50 percent discount on setup fees which makes it a breeze. You may also now register your Ejari through the Dubai REST application which makes it very easy to complete.


These are the important things to consider when moving during the lockdown. With the sterilization programs and precautionary measures set by the government, it is advised to regularly keep updated with the latest announcements from local authorities.