Simple Hacks for a Small Balcony

  • June 22, 2020


Summer in the UAE is officially announced! And as we are still encouraged to stay home, we find ways to keep us cool and refreshed this summer season. We are thankful for the roof above our heads, and the AC (air-conditioning) in our rooms and for some with access to a balcony, we suggest making the most out of this extra outdoor space.

Some of us may also be guilty of using the balcony as an extra space for storage and dumping white elephants, unintentionally. We are here to give you some ideas on how to design this space and transform it into your go-to comfort zone in your home.

Get your interior design game on with a little creativity and imagination!


1. Create an Herb Garden

This is probably the best opportunity to build a kitchen garden in your home. Replant your herbs such as Basil, Arugula or Rosemary in small pots or place them in wooden boxes. You won’t even have to buy new items but recycle old materials you find at home. Deck your balcony with plants or even flowers to your liking.


2. Hang a Bird Feeder

Yes, we welcome animals at home too. DIY your own bird feeder using an old teacup set and hanging them outside your balcony. It is rustic and gives off that bohemian chic vibe. Don’t forget to fill it with bird seeds or feeds for a feast for our friendly visitors.


3. Deck with lights

Illuminate your balcony at night with a series of lights. Go for fairy lights or a solar-powered lamp for that soft and warm effect. With plenty of battery or solar-powered lighting available, you have a plethora of designs, size, and type of light to choose from. You can also switch it up with scented candles or hanging lanterns for a soothing effect in your balcony.


4. Install a mini side table

An afternoon coffee or a morning Al Fresco breakfast outdoor would be each of our dream in our dream homes. So why not have it in your own balcony? Install a mini Murphy table which you can put-up or set aside when not in use. This stowable table is perfect in creating your own reading nook with an outside view.


5. Throw in a bean bag or two

Your balcony is a perfect spot to lounge at, so get that lazy boy or throw in a bean bag. Place a bench and deck it with pillows or replace chairs with cushions for a more relaxing feel.


Turn your balcony into your own little sanctuary or escape from the mundane corners of your home. A little makeover to this outdoor space adds some style to your home and lifestyle.