Simple Ways to Feng Shui your Home this 2020

  • January 09, 2020

Resolutions, Horoscope, Lucky colors, numbers, and signs and the list goes on, these are some of the few things people take note of during the new year. Chinese astrology and astrological readers have already influenced very much of our modern day living. The reading of the stars, the positioning of the planets and even the formation of our Zodiac Signs by birth month have been studied and set in place centuries ago.

These philosophies have translated to harmonize our surroundings or environment through Chinese Geomancy or Feng Shui. So, what exactly is Feng Shui and what can it do to your home or your life this 2020? It doesn’t hurt to have a look, lest believe, and read what’s written in our stars.

Feng Shui literally means “wind” and “water” in Chinese, and it is a practice to look into our built environments and how to live in harmony with the principles of nature and the natural elements namely – earth, metal, water, wood and fire.


This year of the metal rat, according to, the following are the year’s Feng Shui lucky symbols:

  • Numbers: 5,7, 9
  • Colors: white, yellow, blue, green, gray, and black
  • Lucky Days: the 4th, the 8th, the 13th, the 22nd day of every month of the Chinese calendar
  • Lucky Directions: Southeast, Northeast, West

According to the same source, Feng Shui energies are changing from year to year, hence, it is necessary to position and track the relocation of bad and good energies and protect an important place of your house or office:

  • Some symbolic items or miniature statuettes are used by Feng Shui experts. For example, to protect your place against bad energy, place a pair of Chi-Lin (Chinese Unicorns) facing the North.
  • Living things such as natural plants or a mini water feature are also being used in Feng Shui. To increase the chances in advancement of your career and love life this year, it is advised to place four Chinese bamboo stalks or a natural plant in a vase with water at the center of your house.
  • This year place a natural plant in the South East of your home to bring you luck and events worthy of celebration.


And there you have it! A few simple ways to Feng Shui your home or office this 2020. One does not need to be a skeptic or a hard follower, but just a food for thought to bring in some good energy, harmony and make things better this new year! And remember, any day is a great day to make things better.