Stay-at-Home Activities for You and your Family

  • March 31, 2020


During this challenging time, working remotely from home has become the new normal for the past few weeks or so. This is even more challenging for parents with infants, toddlers, kids, and even teenagers. With children momentarily being out-of-school, spending most time indoors can pike up the energy with less stimulation – and it would be difficult to adjust for some.

Mom and Dad have so much time now more than ever to spending time with the company of their kids, seeing home work and office work altogether!

While we might not know how this setup is going to last, being stuck at home doesn’t have to mean being bored. Here is our collection of things you and your family can do while on quarantine that is fun, educational and entertaining – aside from making TikTok videos:



1. Play Board or Card Games

It’s about time to dust off the good old Monopoly Board that’s been on top of that shelf for ages. Or shuffle those Uno Cards you last played when your cousins came over? Either way, you might have probably forgotten the rules already and haven’t taught your younger sister how to play it before. Time to relearn the ropes of Monopoly and not to forget to shout Uno!


2. Dance as a form of exercise

Don’t let the four corners fool you. Exercising or even just a little bit of physical activity will do you good. Go chase your dog and your kids, do a couple jumping jacks, play hallway soccer or dance to a Zumba choreography, thanks to YouTube! Any form of exercise builds up strength, energy all while having fun.


3. Build with Lego or Play-Doh

Get creative and play with your imagination through Lego building blocks or clay molding. Being a Lego kid is amazing! You see through the opportunity and challenge of building a fort with these tiny Lego pieces once fastened together. A set of Lego pieces and tubs of clay is like solving a puzzle!


4. Create Arts and Crafts

There is a lot of crafting options found in your homes. From old newspapers or magazines, a little bit of glue and toothpicks and with the help of a rubber stamp ink – you can create art masterpieces and handicrafts. How about making a simple thumbprint art or why not write family cards for Grandma and Grandpa while away on quarantine?


5. Make Banana Pancakes

Baking is a fun go-to activity for most families. A simple step-by-step recipe won’t hurt anybody, especially if it’s as easy as a pancake! Have your kids help you mash the bananas, crack an egg and add spices. It’s going to be sweet, fun and delicious!