Suhoor Home Delivery Options in Dubai

  • May 18, 2020


Ramadan 2020 is well underway across the country. It’s a time of sharing and giving not only of food, money, and resources but also of time. And while some of our brothers and sisters also consider this as a time of fasting, we also look forward to that time of breaking the fast – Iftar where families’ enjoy a big buffet with family and friends after the sun sets and Suhoor which is the pre-dawn meal for one to prepare for a day of fasting.

 This year’s Ramadan will be a tad different given the current situation. Iftar and Suhoor tents won’t be an option this year and eating out not a preference. But we can still enjoy a lovely Suhoor staying in. Here is a list of restaurants extending Suhoor delivery to your homes in Dubai:


Krispy Kreme

For the sweet and light eaters who love rich brewed coffee and a donut, do not fret! Krispy Kreme offers Special Ramadan menu delivered to your home and enjoy with your family and loved ones. Choose your favourite pastry like Caramel Crunch, their famous glazed or chocolate cake donut, or New York cheesecake. End your pre-dawn meal with a Hot Chocolate, warm Latte, or Coffee.   

Cost for two: 45 AED

Availability: 9 AM to 12 Midnight

Order through: Zomato


Paul Bakery and Restaurant

Deliver casual French dining straight into your home. Paul Bakery is known for its intricate pastries and fresh loaves of bread. Relish in a delightful Suhoor menu of your choice. Enjoy or a warming onion soup or toast matched with eggs benedict. A sandwich or croissant is also a favourite option along with their signature coffee or hot chocolate. Pick a macaroon or two for a sweet finish.

Cost for two: 185 AED

Availability: 8 AM to 1 AM

Order through: Zomato, Uber Eats


London Dairy Café

London Dairy Café continues its generous offers with traditional dates and menu to mark the holy month of Ramadan. The Café pays close attention to detail in curating a sumptuous and nutritious pre-dawn meal. Delight in London Dairy’s Suhoor set menu that comes with freshly baked croissants and protein-rich breakfast items of your choice like Mushroom Omelette or French Toast to keep one energized throughout the fast. Finish off with a Brownie or Tiramisu and complete your Suhoor with a freshly squeezed Orange Juice, Americano, or Tea.

Cost for one: 90 AED

Availability: 10 PM to 12 Midnight

Order through: Deliveroo, Chatfood