The App to smartly handle COVID-19 (spread) in the UAE

  • July 26, 2020

(Image Credit: Arabian Business)

These times have intertwined health and technology in the fight against COVID-19. The cases of COVID-19 infected persons increased in numbers in various countries that lead into an announcement of a global pandemic in March 2020 by the WHO (World Health Organization). Health organizations worldwide such as CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and locally such as DHA (Dubai Health Authority) have been closely monitoring the situation, regularly updating treatments and recommendations for safety measures while working closely with government.

The UAE government has taken the steps to use several smart solutions to prevent and control and spread of this fatal virus. One of these smart solutions is the COVID-19 DXB App. This smart application will help you get information about COVID-19, it’s symptoms, prevention and treatment.


What is COVID-19 DXB App?
The Dubai Health Authority has developed a smart application that will give you more insights on the novel coronavirus, how you can prevent yourself from it, reduce the risks and adopt proper treatment.

This application is intended to give you the right statistics worldwide and within the UAE. It is meant to curb the spread of fake news and fake statistics around the globe and provide users with personalized support from designated paramedics in case you have contracted the virus.

UAE is one of the first countries to have launched a COVID-19 tracing app alongside Singapore and China.


Download the App

The UAE public, most especially tourists entering the Emirate, are required to register all their details on in the COVID-19 DXB App. The Dashboard gives you a quick snapshot and updated stats on COVID-19 worldwide and within the UAE. You will be provided with a list of emergency contact numbers, to quickly get help for yourself and others.

What’s smart about this app is that you can get live and personal help from a Paramedic online. Also, stay ahead with reliable sources of information with instant notification on official COVID-19 press releases. If it is not urgent, we are urged to stay home and check the status of public places on the app. During the lockdown period, all residents were required to apply for a Permit to go out which was made available for application through the app.

By subscribing to this smart solution, we help protect each other and give peace of mind. Governments in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are not ceasing to find solutions to curb this pandemic and provide the best experience to all citizens, residents and visitors. Download the app on the Google Playstore or Apple AppStore for your device.