Tips for Moving to a new House in Dubai

  • April 24, 2018

Eventually you have to move, especially if you are an expat in Dubai or anywhere for that matter. When you do, it starts with a whole set of questions. You may already know what those questions are but let us revisit them for more clarity. Because setting up a new home is not that simple. That too, in a new country where you are unfamiliar with the local culture and practices. If you are renting or buying a house in Dubai, you would have done some due diligence but do not miss out on the obvious as your family, if accompanying you, would want the transition from their home country to the emirates to be as smooth as possible.

Let’s take a stock of what you will need, to start a new life at your fabulous villa in Dubai – whether it is Downtown, Beachside or along the golf course!

The following 5 home-moving needs will help you settle in your new place rather more comfortably.

Moving and Storage

Whether you are already living in Dubai or moving countries / cities, you will need help in moving your furniture and belongings to your new home. There are plenty of moving service companies, right from your hometown to your latest city of dwelling. There are popular websites that will help you identify professional moving services along with price comparisons between service providers. Preferably, always choose service providers from the town you are moving into as they will know the local laws and aspects related to customs better since they deal with local officials more often than an outside agency.

It could be that you are moving to a smaller home initially and will need only a few belongings that will fit into your apartment or townhouse. You can hire a storage company services to stash away the reminder of your furniture until you upgrade to a larger space. This is also helpful when you initially move into a hotel before finding a home with your family.

Home Cleaning – Indoors and outdoors

Your large bungalow may have a sprawling lawn, swimming pool, barbeque area and large indoor area with living room, entertainment room, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and other common areas. Often, you get a clean, vacant home that is unfurnished or semi furnished in Dubai but there may be times when the previous occupant of the home you are moving into may have left in a hurry. If they had no time to hire a cleaning service for the next occupant, you may have to end up hiring someone to do so. Swimming pools, gazebos, garden and bathrooms need special attention to cleaning and may be hard to do it all by yourself.  Cleaning service agencies will quote you prices based on the area, degree of cleaning required or the total time taken to complete the tasks.

Maintenance services

Plumbing, electricity, painting, carpentry, welding are a few examples of maintenance services. When you live in an apartment or a community villa these amenities are commonly provided by the building management personnel. However, it is not always easy to schedule a maintenance service with the limited availability of assigned professionals. In emergencies, one may have to hire an external service provider using the phone listings available on the internet or through the website of a service provider. Usually a new home occupant prefers painting as a first step to establish their preference for home interiors. Lighting fixtures may need to be added along with customized plumbing fixtures in the house. This will inevitably need an electrician or plumber’s attention. 

Easy access to essential services

House warming event management, catering for small or large parties, Building and car insurance, car wash, home delivery of food, book store or stationary shop for school children’s needs are all some examples of essential services that a family will require for a comfortable stay in their community. Identifying these service providers can be cumbersome if there is no reference or rating information available. Hence trusting an established partner who will provide all services under one roof will help your house moving to be a hassle free experience.

Qualified caregivers for children, seniors or physically challenged

Maids, nannies, attenders, nurses are needed at different stages of life to support a family’s wellbeing. Finding reliable professionals is not an easy task, especially in child care and health care. Well qualified personnel are often expensive to hire and amateurs face trust issues by potential employers. Reference, rating and recommendation – the 3 Rs of service industry are the drivers for hiring people from caregiving sector. A reputed service provider with online presence can make it easier for you to find the right people for caregiving.

Get in touch with real estate agents today. If you have any questions on the above services, our star-rated agencies will assist you in finding the right answers for you. Happy moving!