Tips to Keep your Home Super Clean

  • August 09, 2020


Coming back to a tidy and clean home is one of life’s simple pleasures we sometimes underestimate. But how do you maintain one if you work 9 to 5, five times a week and have a lot of other things on your to-do list? However, an organized and clean home is not only surface deep as we are all in the face of a pandemic. Our regular home cleaning, or weekly general cleaning must be taken a notch up. This blog is not just for all the neat freaks out there but for everyone in the household.

Tidying your home shouldn’t be a daunting task and household chores are to be shared with the family. Involve the family and let the kids help out by completing small tasks together that seem so overwhelming. Here are super easy tips to keep your home super clean and how to maintain it:


1. Make your bed

The proverbial phrase says that making our bed by the time we get up is our first task of the day and failing to do so creates a domino effect for the rest of your day. Can’t agree more? It takes only a few minutes make your bed look neat and tidy plus you will get rid of unnecessary stuff cluttering your space and make it fresh once you come home to rest. Our rooms are our sanctuaries in our homes. It is a place of retreat and privacy and what better way to show some self-care than coming home for a full-night’s sleep.


2. Store your clothes

A shirt hanging on the chair or a pair of pants laying down on the floor. Sounds all too familiar? By simply tidying your clothes from the dryer or stowing dirty clothes in the laundry basket can do wonders to your space. Folding your clothes or placing them in hangers into your wardrobe instantly declutters your home. Giving extra care to your clothes just don’t make them last longer, it also makes it easier to look for things especially when you are rushing!


3. Organize your papers

We are all guilty of this. And the amount of papers, documents, and receipts just keep piling up to no end. Christmas and birthday cards, bank statements and utility bills have been filling our desk drawers to the brim that seem uncontrollable. How do we manage all these paper workloads? is the keyword. Go through each file and sort them according to type and decide whether it should be saved, recycled or thrown into the bin. Putting them into filing folders also makes it easier to find them when needed. And when your service provider has the option to send you e-statements or paperless bills, then definitely opt for that! Save the trees and the planet.


4. Sanitize surfaces

We have plenty of flat surfaces in our home where we place our personal items daily. Kitchen counters, bookshelves, nightstands, and tables don’t just harbor dust or dirt but can also attract bacteria if we leave them behind unclean for too long. Occasionally wiping these areas after use helps keep the space neat at all times than doing a one-off clean. And don’t forget to use a disinfectant to keep the area sanitized and free from germs and bacteria. A clean home is a safe home.


5. Wash the dishes

I believe, we have been guilty once or twice for leaving dirty dishes behind the kitchen sink. Putting off the task of washing dishes and letting them pile up becomes a tedious process later on. Some say it’s their favourite household chore but for some, it’s just gruesome. Although some of us want to avoid this task altogether, it is one of the most important chores we shouldn’t pass out as to not accumulate bacteria on our used dishes and leftover food. Take it with a grain of salt and clean as you go.


6. Put your shoes away

Shoes take us places and they are also carriers of various bacteria we might bring inside our homes. Kicking your shoes off is instantly relaxing and relieving after a full day of work but try not to leave them scattered on the floor. This makes your home instantly cluttered and leaving a foul smell in your home. To keep bad smells and nasty dirt at bay, take off your shoes and stow them right away in your cabinet or shoe rack after each use.


7. Take help from professional cleaning services

And finally, if your schedule does not permit you to do time-consuming household chores, it won’t hurt to seek professional help. Professional cleaning services are able to do a one-off cleaning and sanitizing for you. To help maintain the cleanliness of your home, you may schedule a monthly visit from Helpling and UrbanClap which provides home services across Dubai. Also, it is advisable to schedule regular deep cleaning services from licensed service providers accredited by the Dubai Municipality.