Types of Properties in Dubai for the Best Investment

  • November 27, 2019

Real Estate Developers in Dubai are renowned companies for giving rise to the city’s stylish living spaces and the best UAE destinations, cementing the country’s economy and contributing to the city’s dramatic skyline. Through the years, Dubai has been a major player developing thriving communities with exciting lifestyles in a culturally diverse environment. Therefore, making the city and the country a sought-after destination for work and leisure.

Whether you are visiting the country for the first time, or staying long-term for work or do business, you will find the right investment or accommodation to live in. We have rounded-up Dubai’s property portfolio to help you find your suitable home in the UAE:


Apartments in Dubai

An Apartment or Flat is a common living space in the UAE, generally a rental property and situated within a building or residential tower. An apartment is a single suite of room including a kitchen, bathroom and for some units, a balcony. Options range from spacious studios to one-, two-, three- up to five-bedroom apartments perfect to suit both bachelors staying alone or couples starting a family.



Villa in Dubai

A Villa is a detached and luxurious house built on its own grounds usually in residential districts or villa communities as such in Dubai. This is very common in the lush communities of the city typically with a modern, contemporary or suburban style. These developments are a gated community with many features such as a private pool, landscaped garden and personal garage.



Bungalows in Dubai

The term Bungalow is actually of Hindi origins which means “belonging to Bengal” and has grown to include various types of homes, typically a low-rise, detached, one-storey freestanding house. Bungalows in Dubai have also become a choice of residence that boasts of comfortable lifestyle, modern interiors, a large central living area with rooms set around the living space.



Townhouses in Dubai

Similar to a Bungalow, but not quite. A Townhouse, by definition, is a multi-storey, semi-detached house in a modern housing development which is affixed to one or more similar properties usually shared by walls. Dubai has a network of contemporary townhouses combining urban perks and village feel by real estate developers.



Penthouses in Dubai

A Penthouse is an apartment or flat on the top floor of a high-rise building, usually occupying the entire floor level and typically one that is luxuriously fitted. In some cases, duplex penthouses set rooms in the roof with an indoor staircase. You can own your high-floor freehold apartment while overlooking the entire metropolis of Dubai with luxuriant amenities and exceptional lifestyle.


These are the top 5 properties in Dubai for your next best investment. The choice is yours to make that fits your lifestyle and budget. And whether you stay for work or play, there is a place for you to call UAE home.