Why you must hire an Agent while buying house in Dubai

  • May 11, 2018

When you hire people smarter than you, you prove that you are smarter than they are.”  - R.H Grant

With an ample of information promptly available on the internet, many people sometimes are in dilemma, "Why should they hire a real estate agent?" They ponder, and rightfully so if they couldn't rent, buy or sell a home online or using a traditional marketing and advertising channels without representation, without a realtor.

So if you are skeptical about hiring a real estate agent for your property, here are the key takeaways that may change your perception.

  1. Knowledge and Experience: Why to know every bits and pieces of real estate market when you can hire an experienced professional to get the job done right in first time. Time is money, we all know, why to lose it out on buying or selling a property. Hire a pro and relax!
  2. Agents are Cushions: Not literally but agents are cushions who will whip out his sword and keep the builder’s agents at bay, restricting them from getting on your nerves and nipping at your heels.
  3. Price Guidance: Misconception about the realtors is that they select the price of the property, on contrary to that an agent will guide you to make the right choices for yourself. For example, if a listing is at 10%, an agent has vested interest of 10%, whereas, a buyer has 90% interest in that property. A good realtor will ask you to weigh all the data supplied to you and choose the best price. On the basis of market conditions and other factors, the agent will formulate a negotiation strategy.
  4. Chunk of Paperwork: Normally a real estate file is one to three inches thick, meaning, that huge amount of paperwork is to be done before you acquire a property. One mistake or an omission in the documents can land you in a court. It is always a wise move to hire an agent and let him/her handle the tedious job.
  5. After Sale Services: You may end up having a lot of questions even the transaction went smooth. For example, you may have to file a property tax or submit documents to the authorities. One call to your agent will solve the purpose. A good agent will not leave you in the dust to fend yourself.

If you feel confident enough that you can handle a sale or a purchase on your own, maybe you can. But you will always wonder if you paid the right price for the property you buying or quoted too low. Hiring an agent is definitely a bliss.