Work from Home: Simple Ways to Stay Focused and Productive

  • April 05, 2020


The business disruption brought about by the coronavirus continues to stir our lives daily. Some precautionary measures already being taken have put kids out-of-school and workers around the world resorting to working from home. It is an unexpected and unprecedented time to embark on this new normal for all of us.

Although it is not a choice for many, given the circumstances, we are doing a noble part contributing to the safety of our community, neighbours and families. Seeing the development of the pandemic can be too overwhelming and staying indoors would be a hard adjustment for some.

Whatever the challenge is, our daily routine and work should not be affected and is, in fact, a welcome distraction to stay mindful, focused and positive. Here are some simple tips to stay productive during this unprecedented time:


1. Make a daily plan – and stick to it.

Thinking and planning ahead makes you feel accomplished as well as look forward to the things to-do tomorrow. This is a great time to be productive in both your home and office work. Review the items in your drawer as you would go through cleaning your inbox. You will feel productive at the same time empowered on the elements on which you can control. This “new normal” calls us to make some adjustments and create a new routine.


2. Choose chat over email.

There is a plethora of chatting platforms to choose from – tools like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams or even Whatsapp come in handy, especially at such a time as now. Emails are inherently slow and might even take the recipient to respond a few hours or days delayed. Chat tools also have the ability to send documents back and forth with ease. Just don’t overdo it and set some form of boundaries for you and your colleagues.


3. Prefer video over conference calls.

Heading out to the office everyday and not meeting your teammates is like not meeting your buddies for a night out. At a time like this, it’s important to work on our digital connections and still have that visual with other human beings. Also, don’t forget to practice good video call etiquette amongst your colleagues who are working remotely and those who might still be in project sites.


4. Refocus.

It can feel hard to focus in an environment you might not be most comfortable working at. Some of you might prefer a co-working space or in a café sitting in front of your laptop. A scenery change can help like switching from your bedroom, to the living room or even your balcony. Get some fresh air, go for a quick walk or turn on some music for a bit. There are some good mood-boosting ways to take a break and regain focus.


5. Limit your screen time.

Sitting in front of your laptop and checking on your phone the whole day can be such a bummer. With all the news going on and evolving every day around the world won’t help your mental health. Set a limit to reading the news and being online all the time. Sometimes detaching yourself from the screen for a moment can do yourself and your eyes good.