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Buy and Rent Listing

Create your property listing by adding detailed description, pictures and contact information. Start getting views on your listing and track their success. Improvise to win.

Promoted Listing

Get all the basic benefits of a regular listing and add a promotion to reach more customers. Track success of your promotion with statistics on your dashboard regularly.

Featured Agent

Your star agents deserve all the spotlight they can get. Feature an agent today and get more calls from customers.

Featured Listing

Your hottest property is just idle as an inventory. Get on our featured listing to get more hits on the property.

Sponsored Listing

When your listing gets lost in a clutter of vanilla homes, become proactive. Choose sponsored listing and give any property an opportunity for a special boost.

Agency Specialization

Your specialization speaks to customers looking for exclusive services. Listing your areas of expertise clearly, will give you an added advantage.

Call Tracking

Tired of the anonymous calls that you are unable to follow through? Our call tracking facility will ensure you don’t miss out on a single lead coming your way.

Agency Blog

It is the real estate agents who have the most exclusive stories of the market. Every story deserves a platform with targeted readers. Get your story on our agency blog section.

Schedule Management

Optimize your work day by scheduling appointments with customers. Choose schedule management as your virtual assistant to keep track of appointments.

Turn every channel into a revenue channel and drive business growth.

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Exclusive Listing

The more you learn, the more you can sell

We believe real estate is about more than homes, it’s about people and we are dedicated to building a home buying and selling experience that puts you first. With customized listing, a property can reach maximum number of prospective leads.

Manage Properties

Welcome To Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard provides a summary of several facets of your account, giving users an at-a-glance overview of an account with Total Leads, Quality Ratings, Verified Properties, Verified Agents, Property Impressions, Property Views, Average Click through rates and Average Conversion rates.

Promote A Listing

Want to improve responses for your listing?

Myvilla is a platform with millions of sellers assembled in one place. Promoted listings is a way for villas to be placed at the top of a search. Promoted listings give you the opportunity to boost your visibility and sales potential by making your listings eligible to show up in more places.

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