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The Sustainable City

Sustainable City is a small residential community in the suburbs of Dubai that combines the best features of environmental and social sustainability to offer smart living solutions. Compared to the other residential communities in the Emirate that holds a far sizeable area, Sustainable City stands only at 113 acres approximately, but like it is said “good things come in small packages”, this community proves to be the one.

The residential community holds a greater value when it comes to finding a balance of clean environment and fully-functional community. The area boasts an eco-friendly living among its residents and is known to recycle and reuse waste collected from the area, thus making it an uncommon self-sustaining residential system.

Buy a villa in Sustainable City- There are approximately 500 villas available in the community, each showcasing state-of-the-art construction techniques and environmentally friendly housing solutions. Everyvilla in Sustainable City comes loaded with solar panels on the rooftop. Thus, the community uses solar power for most its energy. The two-story villas feature a modern design that allows the utmost use of natural light and helps the air flow through the premises. Each individual property comes with an appealing landscaped spacious garden, as well as a parking space, and in most of the cases, a private swimming pool.