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Business Bay

Business Bay has now become one of Dubai’s most inviting residential, commercial, and business centres. Be it sightseeing, working or entertainment, this community has got you covered! Business Bay mostly attracts young professionals who are looking for an expeditious, cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Residents include those who want to be close to downtown but might not want to pay the hefty rents or buy too expensive houses. The high-end hotels also abound, with their usual attraction of entertainment and dining options. This place has everything you wish for.

Buy a villa in Business Bay- Business Bay is also in a distinctive location because it is a bit away from the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai. Hence, the cost of properties for sale in Business Bay is relatively cheaper than other communities. Fortunately, it is less busy but still has enough thrill to give you a sense of community and that something is happening all the time. Although families and pet owners do call this place a home, they are smaller in number as the area does not have nearly as many green landscapes as residents would like.