Al Quoz

Al Quoz Dubai is distinctive among other residential neighbourhoods of Dubai. Different from its industrial side, this locality has acquired a unique reputation and has emerged as one of the most sought after places to live by both, the Emiratis as well as the expats. Luxurious custom villas and luxury homes for sale in Al Quoz make living here an absolute pleasure. This part of the town has emerged as an art centre, a place where the city’s gallerists, hip entrepreneurs, fashion designers and art enthusiasts flock; a promising segment of Dubai Residential Property Investment. This locale is divided into Al Quoz1, Al Quoz 2, Al Quoz 3 and Al Quoz 4, amongst which Al Quoz 4 is the most prominent subdivision.

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Al Quoz wins hands down for its connectivity and getting in and out of this neighbourhood will be a breeze. Al Quoz on the west is contained by Sheikh Zayed Road, Safa and Business Park on the North, Barsha to the South, and Al Khalil Road to the East. The number of exit points in the residential areas allows for great connectivity with the rest of Dubai, thus making it a lucrative proposition to check out villas & houses for sale in Dubai by getting in touch with real estate dealers in Dubai.

Well connected by Metro, the closest stations are Al Barsha First, Mall of Emirates (9.7 km) and FGB (6.7 km) from Al Quoz 4. There are direct buses that ply around the Al Quoz residential area and connect to other metro stations, in case one needs to travel elsewhere within Dubai. There are plenty of cabs available that make commute really simple and easy.

Surrounding Amenities

Accessibility to amenities is great when you choose to live in Al Quoz, majorly on the strength of its coordinates. Dotted with schools, healthcare facilities, supermarkets etc. all of which are a stone’s throw away make.

  • You can reach the multi-specialty Aster DM Healthcare (8.5 km) in 15 minutes
  • It is easy to get to Marina Pharmacy, a drug store by driving for 15 minutes
  • Springdales Indian School (550m), Jumeirah University(3.7 km) are a couple of educational institutions in the vicinity of Al Quoz
  • You can shop for monthly groceries at Grand Hypermart (600m) and Taj Al Madina (700m)
  • You can easily walk down and reach Mc Donald’s Drive Thru, a fast food outlet in 8 minutes
  • Al Khali Mall is just an 8 minute drive from Al Quoz 4

 Al Quoz has a unique identity because the area blends the residential, the industrial and alongside fanned an artistic, creative and edgy movement as well. The quieter residential areas with beautiful villa houses make it a great place to live in Dubai.

Recreational Amenities

There is plenty to do in and around Al Quoz and because of its great location, multitude of entertainment and leisure options are available. Top malls are a few minutes’ drive from this location and so are bars, restaurants and parks.

  • Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates (10.6 km)
  • Al Quoz Pond Park(6.1 km)
  • Gold and Diamond Park (9 km) from Al Quoz 4

Al Quoz is a great option to live in houses & villas for rent in Dubai. The unique identity of this neighbourhood, its edgy art and cultural scene coupled with great connectivity makes Al Quoz an upscale location for fine living. Also, access to some great places makes it fun. They include:

  • Dubai Garden Centre (5.8 km)
  • Al Serkal Avenue (3.8 km)
  • The Courtyard for Live Performances, art shows(4.4 km)
  • Adventure HQ (5.1 km)

 What’s on Offer

Expats and Emiratis seek Al Quoz because of the numerous benefits of living in this area. The villa homes can be pricey around here but they would definitely make your Dubai Residential Property Investment plan a memory to cherish for life.