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Al Jafiliya

Moreover, Al Jafiliya is an ideal escape away from the traffic, into a much pleasant and concealed neighbourhood where families have lived in some of the most enchanting villas for years, in the locality. This locality is known for its practical housing and valued accommodation.

Villas in Dubai are known for being of high prestigeas well as prices, although, the villas in Al Jafiliya are affordably priced without compromising the quality and their class.


Rent a villa in Al Jafiliya -Villas for rent in Al Jafiliyaare centrally located.As the district is near many major roads, it allowshassle-free access to anywhere for the residents.

For commuting, there is the Al Karama Bus Station as well as the more suited Al Jafiliya Metro station that will cut down timeand effort of moving in and out of the community, especially for working class and people on the go who live in villasat Al Jafiliya.