About me :

Myles is one of the founding partners of PH Real Estate (previous PowerHouse Properties) and alongside Nick has been equally responsible for the current successes that the firm has recently enjoyed! Myles harnessed PowerHouse Properties back in Sept 08’ and carefully steered it through the booms and busts of Dubai’s real estate patterns before handing over the day to day control to his business partner Nick Grassick. Aside from countless charity contributions and fund raising events such as Mountain Exhibitions in Nepal and Africa; Myles is a keen sportsman. Focused, driven and sometimes to his detriment a VERY competitive individual! Across the past 6 years Myles has worked closely with some of the companys VIP clients including Royalty, foreign diplomatic, captains of industry and the majority of the other ‘big wigs’ from around the GCC. Myles is based from the Al Barsha branch and always has time to meet existing loyal PowerHouse clients and new ones alike!

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