About me :

Mr. Tahir Aziz has 28 years of experience in various fields including Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing. He has worked as a Chief Executive for several companies in Pakistan, each having significant market share in Pakistan. As one of the most experienced members of the Taktical team, with over 8 years of real estate experience, Mr. Aziz provides his clients with expert investment advice.

"Your success is determined with your own personal input and hard work. I first came to Dubai in 1988, and have seen its transformation from dust to this stunning city. The greatest cities in the world are port cities, such as Tokyo, Barcelona, Karachi, Hong Kong and Dubai is no exception. Dubai is a city under construction and it has a lot of scope and potential for great things. The first thing an exceptional broker must do is assess his or her client. I feel that I am someone who can read people well. I am not pushy and give my clients time and space to think and provide them with all the necessary information. I never sell any property to my clients that I am not personally sold on. Building a relationship and trust is crucial in this line of work, and that has to be built on a foundation of total honesty. I have sold properties to referred clients over the phone based in the U.S, even though they had never personally met me – based purely on my reputation as someone who is sincere and who can deliver the goods. My abilities have been tried and tested over time and with glowing referrals and happy investors, my network keeps growing."

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