How safe is your Dubai home inspite of best law enforcement?

  • July 02, 2018

As a city, Dubai has a clear-cut plan for safety. From roads to buildings, the policies on safety are stated explicitly and the law enforcement is taken very seriously. Increasing traffic awareness, periodic vehicular inspections, monitoring driver behaviors and outstanding infrastructure are the plans to decrease the percentage of fatalities due to road accidents. Construction industry is ever growing in Dubai and that means at every stage of building, the safety measures must be implemented with no compromise at any level. This will ensure both, worker safety as well as building safety for future inhabitants. Without doubt, these strict adherences will ensure a liability-free environment for those undertaking any activity where safety is involved.

When your streets are safe, you will eventually question if your home is. What are the aspects of home safety that one has to look at before inhabiting a residential unit?


Neighborhoods in Dubai are considered safest in the world. The various communities of Dubai can be (i) homogeneous with specific ethnicities choosing to live in select areas OR (ii) a heterogeneous mix of ethnic groups, especially in localities that contain exclusive, elite properties. The perception of safety is felt differently by various segments of people but the common feeling is that a gated community containing villas and townhouses are safer to raise young families or children.

Common house hazards

Some of the familiar hazards in a home are slippery/smooth surfaces, sharp objects, protrusions and steps. Minimizing these will help in improved home safety. However building materials contribute greatly to health hazards. Asbestos is a commonly banned substance in construction but other materials such as paint, plastic and particular light bulbs can cause long term effects on your health. So choose wisely when you choose a building for your home and renovate if required, with sustainable bio-friendly products. And not to forget, do keep an updated First Aid Kit for any emergencies or mishaps.

Ease of access

If access to the entrance of your home is too easy, you run the risk of break-ins. This may not be common in UAE where crime rate is almost zero. Petty thefts and sexual harassment may occur with no other form of violence but rare when you are in the safety of your home. However if you are worried about the security of little ones, there is always home automation you can turn to.


Without doubt, fire can be damaging irreversibly in a home. Fire resistant curtains / blinds, secured electric wiring, fire alarm and an extinguisher (especially in a large home with barbeque and outdoor grill) can all be handy to keep your home fire-proof. Gas pipes need to be checked periodically for any leakage, fuel and matches should be avoided inside the house and fireworks during festivities is best celebrated in a public area, authorized by the city.

Once can never underestimate the significance of safety especially when there are kids, elderly and people with mobility challenges. Keeping your home safe and hazard-proof is not a onetime activity. It needs constant supervision and maintenance so the precious lives of your loved ones is secure. Even in one of the world’s safest city.